May 13, 2014

Revlon ColorStay Shadowlinks | Revlon Selects

Hey look at me, posting things so soon. Unfortunately I've had this product for quite a while now and am only now getting around to trying it out. If you remember, I'm part of Revlon Selects and they sent these to me to review. I got to pick my 4 shades in advance and so I went with a simple purple palette instead of picking random shades.

The cool thing about these shadows is in the name! They're linkable and click into place. You can buy each shade individually and create your own palette! You can grab 2 shades you wear during the day, and link-up a black or some darker shades to transition into night. The combinations are endless!

From left to right, the shades are: Purple (matte), Plum (matte), Candy (satin), and Petal (satin).

I swatched all shades on UD Primer Potion (bottom half) and on Nyx's jumbo pencil in Milk (top half). It seemed to grab better to the white base, so I chose that while wearing it on my eyes.

I wasn't too impressed with the pigmentation of the matte shades (Purple & Plum), but absolutely loved the Satin shades! (Candy & Petal). Combined, however, made everything come together quite nicely. The mattes I found I had to build up.

I used Purple as an all-over lid color, then applied Plum to the crease, Candy from above the crease until right under the brow bone, then Petal on the brow bone and inner corner of my eye. Not bad! I added some white liner by GOSH and some mascara by Benefit to finish it off.

Overall, I would say that these are as good as one would expect with drugstore brand eyeshadows. They're decent quality and they offer quite a selection for it's unique gimmick. The pans are a bit small too (1.4g/0.05oz), but seeing as this is something I personally would not use that often, given the selection of colors I chose, it won't matter in the end. These shades go for about $3.99CAD each? I'm not sure, however I have seen them at Shoppers and Walmart. I would like to test out their other shades and different finishes, but so far it looks like the satin shades are the best.


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