May 11, 2014

imPRESS Manicure by Broadway Nails

If you're a follower of a lot of Canadian beauty bloggers, you've probably noticed a boom of these imPress Manicure press-on nails in all your feeds. This is because this is the latest VoxBox from Influenster Canada! This is actually my first Influenster box as well.

Each of us were given 2 boxes of different designs of the imPress press-on manicures. Mine were a pleasant surprise with a funky animal print theme. I chose the one on the left, Over the Moon design. I decided to wear them for the weekend, a total of almost 48 hours, despite the fact that these have the potential to last up to one week.

For me, fake nails have never been my thing. I've never grown my own nails to even half of the length of these press-on ones. It's mainly for sanitary reasons and the fact that my nails are pretty thin, so I'm worried that they'll bend backwards or something. That and I feel like you can't really do many things properly with long nails.

The nails came in the adorable packaging of a clear nail polish bottle, with a few of the nails on display on the front. To open the package you need to twist of the cap part, then the clear plastic part is hinged at the bottom, which splits apart. Sadly though, when I went to open this part, all of the nails went flying everywhere. So be gentle! After the package was finally opened, the instructions say to start sizing the nails to your own and lay them out in order. Silly me didn't even know that the nails were numbered on the back (see below), so I was trying to figure out how exactly to match the sizes for both hands. A lot of them looked incredibly similar, so I picked at random. Of course the thumb and pinky nails were a breeze to pick.

After I decided on my layout for my nails, I used the enclosed "prep pad" to clean off my nails and then I started applying them, from pinky to thumbs last. I noticed that there was a little emery board included in the package for which I had no idea of its purpose. I assumed it was for the little lip that the tips had on them. I tried filing them a bit, but didn't do such a great job.

They were a breeze to apply and felt like a really strong adhesion. I promptly proceeded to try out different things to do with these new nails, including typing, writing, washing my hands, putting clothes on, opening bottles—hell, I even made cookies from scratch with them! They are definitely durable and I can see them lasting up to a week.

I had also only left my house once this weekend and the one person I interacted at the grocery store noticed them. They're quite funky and match my hair.

As cute and girly as these are, I did come across many things I didn't like about them. For one, they're not practical for every day wear. I can only see these being used for a fancy night or occasion of some sort. Like I previously mentioned, I never keep my nails long for sanitary purposes. The amount of crap that got stuck behind the nails were disgusting! I had to wash my hands constantly because I felt like if I scratched my head or something, the dead skin cells would get into my food or whatever I touched. I know this happens anyways, it just made me more aware of it. Scratching itches and even going to the bathroom were weird experiences. Another thing that really bothered me was taking my contacts out! I ended up scratching my eye and even debated wearing them to bed because it was so hard to take them out. I eventually figured out a way to get them out, but I've been wearing my glasses all weekend for fear of repeating the same incident whilst putting them in.

Removal, however was fairly simple. The package recommends either slowly pulling them off from the sides or by using polish remover to soak in them for about a minute or so. They came off my nails pretty clean with very minimal residue. They're pretty gross looking once they're off.

Overall: I'm glad I was able to finally try these. I've always been curious about fake nails and love all the designs that Broadway Nails has to offer with these imPress manicure press-on nails. I also like that they even offer medium length nails (which would have been great to try as well). While I don't ever see myself buying these for every day wear, I will most definitely consider them for special occasions as it does step-up your look quite a bit and it's a nice option to consider. I'm going to be saving my second pair for another day, but like stated, only a day. I won't wear them for more than that, especially since my contact lenses experience.

Don't let this stop you from trying them out however! I've seen these at Walmart and Shoppers. The card says they retail between $8.99-$10.99, which is a fair price for the quality of the product if you compare them to the nail stickers that other brands offer.

*Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own *


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