April 24, 2012

MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 13 Review

Yes, yes I know, everyone and their mother has written about BB creams and are on the BB cream bandwagon. I know that they have also been extremely popular in the beauty blogging community and especially in Asia. Truth be told, I wasn't as interested when the first talks of them started...until on day I researched them and fully understood why they're so popular. I also kicked myself for not being interested in them from the start. Regardless though, I love them now.

I have tried previously, Smasbox's Camera Ready BB Cream in Fair (the lightest shade) and NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Finland (again, lightest shade) and I am ridiculously pale, making those light shades still too dark for me! So I decided that since some Asians typically have light skin or rather want to achieve lighter skin, that I would have a better chance with BB Creams from Asia.

I checked out a few reviews and liked MISSHA's the best. I ordered the 20mL sized tube for $8.46 CAD (free shipping) on ebay, from Korea and it came with free samples.

The BB Cream comes in a few shades. here it shows only 3 of them. I, being extremely pale, chose the lightest shade No.13: Bright Beige (bottom shade)

As you can see, the 2 BB Creams available here in Canada are too dark. However though, my face is a bit darker than my forearms of course. I was a bit worried when I decided to get the lightest shade that it would be too light, but then again, I LOVE my pale skin and wish to keep it that way. I dont like being in the sun very long either, so this not only whitens my skin a bit, it also provides sun protection which I'm so happy about!

I also love that the SPF content in the MISSHA BB Cream is 42 PA++, whereas both NARS and Smashbox were only SPF35

What I also really like about this BB cream is that it diminishes my freckles (which I hate btw) and even some redness. I love that I can keep my fair complexion and be proud of it. I know a lot of people like to set powder on top of BB cream, but I have no idea what I would put on this since foundation in general is not very light, so if anyone knows of any brands that carry super pale shades, pleas do let me know.

Overall, I really love the coverage of the BB cream. NARS, for example, is watery, which is good for coverage, but I just prefer a thicker formula, which Smashbox had (and was my favorite for a bit). The finish is a satin smooth finish which feels so nice. I'm absolutely happy that I found this bb cream with this lightness, definitely an awesome decision. I will probably invest in the bigger, 50mL size of the bb cream once I run out of this.

Overall rating:


  1. your skin looks so even with this cream! beautiful : )

  2. This color suits you well sometimes it's hard to find Asian bbs creams that work for your types of skin tone but it looks great. :) thank you for sharing

  3. Nicole Shrimpton24 August 2012 at 15:11

    I wear shade #13 and I just use pressed translucent powder to set mine ( I use laura mercier)

  4. I also have pale skin like you. I am using Too Cool For School BB foundation lunch box #21 and Too Cool For School Rules for Trouble bb cream but it only comes in one shade. Try them! :-)



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