March 04, 2014

New Business Cards

It's been a while since I've posted anything design related (or just anything in general *cough*), so I though I'd share my new business cards! It's been about almost 4 years since I made my old ones, and they're brutal! They did the job though, but now I've got something I'm actually proud of and defines me.

I used Jukebox Print to print my cards. I got them to send me a sample of their business cards and was sent a plethora of AMAZING samples (see below)!

They're also based out of Vancouver, so I like to keep it Canadian ;D

I chose their 32PT 100% recycled brown and white paper business card, using 1 side in full color and 1 in black and white.

Where's the color you ask? I asked them to print my jellyfish side in full CMYK color because black ink wouldn't create the same effect. I used my photos from my trip to the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto for the jellyfish.

I received the cards without the color edges. I had decided to do them myself because JBP would have charged me close to $100 extra for them to do it. So I went over to Michael's and found me some beautiful neon orange paint (on sale for 49 cents too!) and some sponge brushes. I grabbed a clamp from my grandfather's tool room and painted away! It was super easy and took no time at all. I did a few stacks at a time, just in case I messed anything up. I loved the results right away and continued to do my entire stack of cards in the vibrant orange.

It's the touch that I needed to make the cards be really me.


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