March 18, 2014

Lime Crime | D'Lilac

Hello, hello! Gather 'round everyone. Most of you already know about the magical wonders of Lime Crime. If you don't, welcome to the club and where the heck have you been hiding all this time? And while I'm still undecided about the reputation and stigma that follows the owner after all these years, she is obviously a successful woman and has done a fantastic job establishing herself in the beauty world with such a bold statement. I remember Lime Crime from back in the day when they only had a small amount of lipstick and used to carry loose pigmented eyeshadows (some of which I still own). Kudos to you, Lime Crime.

I have previously reviewed from stuff by Lime Crime, so I am absolutely familiar with their products. This product was sent to me for review from the awesome people of Obsessed Canada, whom by the way ships Lime Crime for FREE in Canada!!

I chose D'Lilac. Why? Because it's different. I was actually eying Chinchilla or Cosmopop, but this one won. Mostly because of my hair. Also, because Lime Crime is so unique and unconventional, I thought why not choose it?

It's probably been almost 3 years since my last Lime Crime lipstick purchase, but I was glad to see that nothing has changed from their mythical packaging: the infamous sparkle unicorn!

Look at this beautiful pastel color! Absolutely stunning. For those of you who have never bought one of their lippies, it smells delightful: a pleasant vanilla-y fragrance, quite identical to MAC's lipsticks. I know some people gave them flack for copying MAC, but like, who cares??? I love this smell!

I am in love with this color! I am so impressed. I know D'Lilac is a bit of an older color, but I was so impressed with its formula! I'm not sure if they've changed since I've bought Coquette and Great Pink Planet, but it is quite an improvement. It's rich and creamy (sounds like I'm talking about choco or yogurt) and quit moisturizing. I find the other 2 I own are a bit drying. The lilac appears to have cool undertones that go great with my pale skin, blue eyes and crazy hair.

Here's some face shots

If you're interested in picking it up or any Lime Crime products (and you happen to be Canadian), you can find it here @ Obsessed Canada. The lipsticks are $18.99CDN, which is just 99 cents more than buying from the Lime Crime website, BUT it ships for F R E E ! ! How can you beat that?

Final thoughts? Love this lipstick and can't wait to turn heads with it. I'm impressed with its quality and applaud Lime Crime for sustaining its mandate. If you haven't purchased anything from Lime Crime, I suggest you do. The quality is right for its price.


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