June 15, 2013

Not Another Bill

I recently stumbled upon this website literally from StumbleUpon for this service called NOT ANOTHER BILL, where they send you a surprise "gift" every month. Yes, it's another subscription service, but I like how it has cool, crafty/design-like things. I only ordered one box though since it's a hefty £17.50 (approx $28 CAD) plus shipping. I think I nearly paid $40 CAD for it :x

I like how it said "Smile, I am Not Another Bill". Basically the premise of their service is to allow you to sign up or gift this service as a "surprise" to look forward to that is not "Another Bill", because who are we kidding, not many people write to each other these days and this is universal and will most likely be enjoyed by people who aren't expecting packages every day or week. It's also a way for people to discover new brands, designers and artists all over.

This was what was found in my box: a "Mini Dog Kit" by Domenica More Gordon (vacuumed sealed), along with a poster and a customized letter.

Yea...so there wasn't very much told about this kit. Basically I received a bunch of different colored wool or batting. Thank goodness there was instructions!

Even with detailed instructions, I still had no idea what I was doing! I actually had to look up what the technique was that I needed to use to even create the dog head on the photo. I discovered that the technique is called needle felting. I have never heard of this technique, let alone know how to do it! So I looked up some tutorials on YouTube and it's surprisingly easy to do!

Basically you roll up bits of the wool, tightly together, and jab it with the sharp needle to create shapes and forms. It's like sculpting with wool. It was surprisingly fun and stress relieving.

My dog taking shape.

Final, finished product! Not too bad for a newb.

Would I do this again? Yes! Would I pick it up as a main hobby? probably not. I'm glad I got to discover something new, but not so much for the price tag. I probably won't be trying this service again because of the price tag, but I recommend it to those who want something different in the mail.


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