June 05, 2013

Hawaii Photo Book

It feels like it has been forever since I created something for myself. With my recent trip to Hawaii last month, I edited my photos and nearly fell in love with them (which oddly doesn't happen a lot). I really had such a great experience with this trip, I wanted to make something to remember it by. Also, I have a terrible habit of never printing my photos, so I thought I'd fix that.

I did this by creating myself a photo book, using Blurb. I've used them before in the past for my thesis in college and I loved their service!

If you haven't heard of Blurb, it's basically a website that will print books of all kinds: photobooks, magazines, novels, etc. They even have applications where you can easily create your own books if you do not know how to customize your own via InDesign. I used the custom option for InDesign because I love having 100% control and creativity.

You even get the option to choose from preset sizes, paper types, binding (hardcover, softcover), colors for inside pages and more. They're fairly decent in prices and you can always find a coupon code floating around somewhere.


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