May 24, 2013

Blog Every Day in May | Days 23 & 24

DAY 23 | Things you've learned that school won't teach you
Hmm... I think I'll learn more towards design school as opposed to regular school, because it's more recent and relevant to me. School didn't teach me that no matter where you go, and where you work, there will always be unnecessary drama and bullshit. I learned that immaturity comes at whatever age. I work with people, mostly 10 years and older than me, in which I consider to be very immature. I learned that even though you thought you escaped the gossip, drama and politics of a part-time job, it still follows you where ever you go (regardless of whether you partake in it or not). I learned that, even if you have formal training for a particular area, you'll end up working with hacks who are not formally trained as you are, but seem to be higher up than you. I've had jobs where people I worked with majored in things like Journalism, yet they having a better job than I. I learned that experience or rather time you spend in a certain industry is seen as better than your bang-on education in the right field. I learned that people will be jealous of you because they're threatened by you for being so young.

But most importantly, I learned that work is something not to take seriously, especially when you're at the bottom. I learned that yes, I have room to grow and that this is only my beginning, while to others this is their middle or near-end and when others above you are trying to stunt your growth, you just do things on your own or take your own initiatives to excel instead of wasting your time fighting with them. Knowledge is power.

DAY 24 | Top 3 worst traits
01. Moodiness - I can get moody at any one for any thing at any given time
02. Conservative - as in I like to keep things to myself, especially when I'm upset, from people close to me.
03. Passiveness & Cynicism - Although I believe this isn't all that bad, it's really not something to be too proud of to others, so I thought I'd throw this one in there.


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