May 22, 2013

Blog Every Day in May | Day 22: Rant about something

But I already have! My Beauty Bloggers misconceptions posts were just that, along with my hate for Bleeding Cowboys one too. I'm not sure what else I could rant about. I mean, there's tons to rant about, but I don't have the time, nor energy to rant about anything really huge.

I will however, rant about my hate for Justin Bieber and his fans. This is random, yes I know, but I'm tired of after every awards show that Justin Bieber may either be a part of or have a nomination for and he loses, the 12 year olds of the internet turn to twitter to share their hate and distaste and disgusting ignorance for the other well-deserving artists who won, with brain cell-killing, immature and overly hilarious responses and empty threats.

Now I'm not sure if it's because of social media that these kids' ignorance shines so bright or whether it has always existed and social media just makes us more aware, but holy crap children, EDUCATE YOURSELF. I cannot believe the amount of people out there that are such closed-minded music fans. You shouldn't even call yourself one if you don't have any respect for the other (more) hardworking musicians and artists in the industry. I get it: you're 10 years old and Justin Bieber is the best thing since sliced bread (oh wait, you're probably too young to get that reference) I too, when I was younger, had a favorite boy band (Hanson represent!) and would scream at anyone who made fun of them or said their music sucked. But believe me kids, the "music" (if you can call it that) that this little punk puts out, is hardly anything to be celebrated or awarded with.

I can write a whole other post about the music industry and how they market certain individuals to suck your soul (and your parents' wallets), but I rather not. He's not worth my time for it.

I have so much more respect for the other artists in this kid's group or category than I do for him. Why? Because they're not all cocky twats who think they're king shit, even though they're barely legal. Yea sure, he's legal in Canada now, but that honestly doesn't mean anything. He's still a very ungrateful and undeserving kid who got picked up by Usher (of all people) on YouTube. You want to know something? I liked Justin Bieber when he first came out. His song One Time was super catchy and he was a cute little kid. That's it. But he took off and girls around the world went batshit crazy for him.

Anyways, back to his crazy fans. I have never seen any group of fans more crazy than his "Beliebers"...unless you count the Netizens, but not too many people know them as well. I'm convinced that they're all brainwashed through his music. I cannot believe how many people, whoops, I mean kids will defend his honor (as if he can actually see you doing this) when it comes to bashing him. Some people do it for fun, just to see how his fans will react. Like I said, most of their replies, via twitter, are super hilarious, empty threats. You should check them out.

So when people take to twitter to bitch and moan about how he hasn't won "this" award or wasn't chosen for "that" show, etc, etc., I shake my head! People, you need to understand the music industry! Popularity and the ability to sell out a stadium doesn't qualify you for all of the awards!!! There's actually a butt-ton of musicians out there with a million times more talent than this little snot head, still struggling to make it! Because Justin Bieber has won so many awards by now anyways (usually fan choices), I don't think adding one more would even have any meaning to him! At least the artist(s) who win the award actually appreciate and cherish this token of the good work they've achieved.

What has he honestly worked for? Getting "found" on YouTube honestly doesn't qualify as much. What hardships exactly has he gone through to get where he is? NOTHING. He's a perfect, marketable, poster boy for music corporations to make millions upon millions (or billions) of dollars from children—no, parents'—money! I highly doubt JB has ever had to dish out any of his ~*~hard earned cash~*~ to buy a touring van or even make a damn record before he got big. It probably wasn't even a serious dream of his to be a musician. So all of you annoying Beliebers should shut up and sit down and have more respect for other acts who work hard to get where they are. You have no idea what it's like. People like JB is a big slap in the face to all of the artists out there who are doing things honestly. JB sold his soul to the devil and you're all just his minions.



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