May 02, 2013

Blog Every Day in May | Day 2: Educate Us

Today's post is to educate "you" all on something I know a lot about or am very good at. I've already put a few posts up on photography and the likes, but there's sadly only a few things I'm good at/know a lot about. How about a random photography tip/trick that you may not know about? Yea, that'll do.


You know those Silica Gel packets you get with a new pair of shoes or a new bag or any other new item? KEEP THEM! They're really good to use to throw into your camera bag and lens cases. They absorb moisture and keep your equipment dry from any type of moisture and from malfunctioning. Especially if say, you go from a cold winter day inside to a warm house, condensation is absolutely sure to form, so having these bad boys in your case is perfect—specially if you have a DSLR. I keep many in my bag (see below) and the bigger these packs are, the better the absorption. Just make sure you don't eat them ; )

They're cheap, they're free! Try and incorporate them into your camera bag whenever you can.


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