May 01, 2013

Blog Every Day in May | Day 1: Life Story, 250 Words or Less

Despite the fact that I'll be leaving for my trip in less than 5 days, I decided to take on this Blog Everyday in May Challenge. I always like to write about different things since I don't consider this a /beauty/ blog. I will either skip, make up for or possibly even queue those posts.

I was born in the town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, approximately 40 minutes north of Toronto, where I lived for about 8 years, moving once before my parents divorced in 1998.

I moved to a town called Maple for another few years and attended school. I was probably at my 4th school by now as far as my childhood education goes. It was difficult to adapt to this split life between my mother and father and his extended “new” family. I didn’t exactly have it super great when it came to that and I don't like talking about that part of my life.

Come 2003, during my last year of elementary school (grade 8 for Canada) I moved to the town in which I live now: Woodbridge, Ontario. I lived in my favorite house up until almost 2 years ago when my mother made the mistake of buying a house together with her (now ex) bf. We lived in that house for 6 weeks and are now currently living with my grandparents for the past almost 2 years. This has probably been one of the most difficult things to cope with as we’re still battling with my mom’s ex to sell that damn house and move on with our lives. Aside from the negative, I graduated college in 2011 and got my first full-time graphic design job in June of 2012 and I couldn’t be happier.


  1. I must have paid close attention to your livejournal, because I knew most of this already ^_^ I really hope you guys will work out things with the house and ex-boyfriend soon! I'm glad your happy with your job :3
    This tag is very interesting! I think I'll try to incorporate it into my own blog. I always think people will get bored with my posts if I blog every day, so I think this tag would be a perfect fit to get over that :')

    1. Haha yea I've known you for quite a few years now through LJ so I'm not surprised :P

      Thanks, I really enjoy it here and hope to grow more~

      You should! I've been looking for something like this so that I can have some other content besides the usual stuff for these kinds of blogs :3



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