April 26, 2013

Glossybox Canada | April 2013

Glossybox time! One little thing I look forward to every month. However this time around, I decided to cancel my subscription. Not because I'm dissatisfied with their boxes and service, but because I will be coming into some new responsibilities in which I don't have the luxury of affording a box every month. I need to cut back and reevaluate my spending for a bit ;)

This month's Glossybox's theme is Work That Beauty. The box was also curated by Canadian Olympic medalist, Tracy Little.

Here's what's inside:

JELLY PONG PONG // Moisturizing Lip Blush
I've never heard of this brand, but there's something alluring about it. I definitely wouldn't use this color for blush because I get naturally red sometimes ;; I did however apply it to my lips and it's a perfect shade of red that doesn't make my teeth look yellow. It's definitely moisturizing and not at all drying. The fact that it's shaped like a pencil, makes it easy to apply and line. Hoping to incorporate this into some daily looks.

SHICK HYDRO // Silk Razor
Razor samples are always the best! You seriously never know when you'll need them. I've gotten so many samples and trials of razors, that I don't think I've bought a razor in over a year! Pretty sweet I must say. I'm not a huge fan of Shick, I'm more of a Venus fan :x But it's got 5 blades and that's pretty darn fantastic.

BOSCIA // Recharging Night Moisture
Never tried Boscia before, but I have heard good things. I'm really stubborn when it comes to night creams because I'm so in love with my Vichy that I refuse to try anything else. I am willing, however, to give this a try. It's a generous size sample with a fairly pleasant smell.

POP BEAUTY // Glitz Blitz Eyeliner in Wine Wink
This is a glitter eyeliner, that's not quite black, but not quite grey with copper bits of glitter. Personally I don't like glitter eyeliner because I think it looks cheesy and cheap. Same goes for this. I do love that it's a thin, twist-up liner, because they're so much nicer to apply. The eyeliner is said to be waterproof, but I was able to smudge it fairly well without licking my finger. The eyeliner claims to have the same intensity as a liquid eyeliner, but the easy application of a pencil, which I think is totally wrong. It didn't really glide on smoothly or even bold enough. This will probably make its way to the bottom of my makeup bag or given to someone else.

HEARTLAND FRAGRANCES // Epsom Salts in Soft Mint
First off, this thing stinks! It smells like guys cologne and I could smell it before I even opened the pink box. It says it's called Soft Mint, but it doesn't smell anything remotely minty! I'm not a bath girl, so this will most likely go unused, especially with its smell.

Overall, this box has a fairly good mix of different kinds of products, but it was alright. One thing it also included in the box was a coupon for free pack of Greek yogurt, which I find disgusting. It was an alright box for my last GB for a while.

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  1. I'd be happy to take your yogurt coupon. :)



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