April 25, 2013

Good Riddance GLYMM

As some of you may or may not know, Glymm has recently gone bankrupt, leaving their customers wonder where their money is going. An article was published today in Toronto's Metro regarding this situation.

I was contacted by Nailpolishcanada.com to spread the word that for those of you who were subscribers and have been left in the dark as to whether or not you will be getting your money back, Nailpolishcanada.com has offered to give you a FREE $25 worth value box for those who were ripped off by the company.

All people need to do is email their proof of being a subscriber (I'm assuming it's for those who were ripped off/have a continuous subscription as apposed to a monthly one, although they did make mention to notify ex-Glymm members) and you will get a coupon code for the box to use on Nailpolishcanada.com

his is mostly just a way for us (Nailpolishcanada.com) to give back to the beauty community. If you want just the box and nothing else from the site that's fine, you will only pay a $3 shipping charge (or you can add the box to your order and get free shipping - order must be over $25).

So what comes in this Value Box?

• Choice of: China Glaze Shocking Pink, Nova (silver glitter), or Towel Boy Toy (blue)
• China Glaze For Audrey (best selling China Glaze ever!)
• Color Club In Theory
• White Nail File
• mini Seche Vite Top Coat
• mini Tend Skin

I got to say that I'm kind of glad that they failed. The boxes/bags grew increasingly terrible and I was so glad to have cancelled my subscription when I did. I even checked up on boxes after I cancelled that included their new "nail polish" boxes and did not even once regret cancelling. Their customer service was terrible and they were overall not a good company to be a customer of. Hopefully they rethink their strategy and maybe make some sort of comeback. If not, good riddance!


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