December 08, 2012

MAKEUP FOREVER LE Holodiam Powder 303

MUFE limited edition Holodiam Powders was sort of an impulse buy for me. A few weeks ago, the Sephora at the Eaton Centre reopened after expanding and moving their new location in the mall. A friend and I made it a point to go and check it out on the day it reopened.

We grabbed everything we wanted, especially since this particular location now carries a ton of brands that we in Canada don't get. i.e. OCC, illamasqua, becca, etc. We lined up, bought our purchases and walked out with a complimentary Sephora tote bag and carried on in the mall.

For some reason we found ourselves drawn back into the store later in the night and I wanted to check out the MUFE boutique a bit more in detail. That is when I stumbled upon the Holodiam Powder and fell in love. The sales associates were friendly and eager to show us certain items—holodiam powders included. As soon as I saw this particular powder swatched, I fell in love.

Anything stamped with "Limited Edition" is a sure pusher into making an impulse buy. While the powder retails for $28CAD, I didn't really so much hesitate as I was given a $10 gift card for having recently become a VIB member.

Holodiam Powder #303 is a "Hologram powder is a pearlescent, loose powder that plays with light for a multi-reflection color result. The powder is as shiny as a Diamond Powder, but with the added benefits of multi reflection color and high pay off. It can be used on the eyes and on the cheeks." It's a white powder with blue, green and gold highlights.

It gives any regular bout of color a boosting "pop" or splash of "glam".

What I like about this powder is that it's versatile and shows differently on anything you put it on. I love that it doesn't necessarily need any primer to wear and that you can step up the intensity with primer.

It's beautiful, gorgeous and shimmery and I would definitely recommend if you feel like you're going to get a good use out of it, otherwise, $28 is quite a lot for such a small amount of powder.


  1. Ah, it's so pretty! I would definitely like to add more exclusive products such as these to my collection, but unfortunately I will have to stick to drugstore brands at the moment, money-wise ;)

    1. I know! Thank you :3 Every now and then I feel like spoiling myself, but I know for sure that I wouldnt want to buy it without having a giftcard lol. There's nothing wrong with drugstore brands. Theyre surprisingly amazing :D

  2. Gorgeous post. It's not often you see real "eye" swatches, lookin' good

    1. Thank you Anna! You're absolutely right. Not too many people seem to want to have actual eye swatches anymore. That is when it's best shown ;3



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