December 01, 2012

Glossybox November 2012

Although it's the first day of December, I finally received my November Glossybox...yesterday. I think this month's theme is Christmas-y. This month also came with Glossybox's new magazine!

This magazine is filled with gift ideas and editor's picks, which I think is a nice touch, especially for around this time of year. I kind of also hope that they plan on including one of these each month as they go forward.

I squealed with delight as I removed the lid of this box. I LOVE the christmas theme/paper. Super adorable!

Here's all the goodies inside! And now a closer look:

NICOLE BY OPI // Kardashian Kolor Holiday Shades in A Gold Winter's Night
Hooray for full-size nail polish! This is actually my second shade of Nicole by OPI. Unfortunately however, I'm not a huge fan of this one. I dislike these kinds of glitters, but who knows, maybe I'll find something nice to layer it over. This full size bottle retails for $10.99CAD

KRYOLAN FOR GLOSSYBOX // blusher in Glossy Pink
I really love that Glossybox has been collaborating with Kryolan to create custom makeup products. And if you know me, you know I dislike blush, so this product isn't useful for me. However though, as soon as I offered it up to my mom, sh snatched it from me. At least it wasn't wasteful. I really do hope Glossybox continues to collaborate with Kryolan or even other companies to create exclusive shades for its members.

Ack! More shampoo/conditioner samples... This will probably be shoved in with the seemingly large collection I have for whenever I need to travel somewhere over night (at least they're good for something :P) Anyways, this hydration kit is meant to do exactly what it says: hydrate; moisturize. Both full-size bottles of 400mL retail for $9.99CAD (shampoo) and $14.99CAD (conditioner).

VITABATH // exfoliating sugar scrub
I have always wanted to try Vitabath products and now I can. I'm also running out of my current facial scrub so this popping up out of this month's GB was a pleasant surprise! I also love that it's a citrus scent because I prefer those kinds of scents when it comes to washing/scrubbing my face. This product is also paraben and sulfate free, so yay! Full sizes of this product retails anywhere between $15-$18CAD

MAYBELLINE // MNY My Gloss in Bubblegum Pink
Yay for full-size lipgloss! It's also in a light pink shade, which is something I would wear. Anything darker is a no-no for me. This lipgloss is also flavored, which was a nice surprise. It also contains a beautiful pearlescent shade with little pink/white glitter. Retails for $7.49CAD

CUREL // hand & cuticle therapy cream
Just what I needed!!! I was telling myself the other day that I should really get myself some sort of cream for my hands and cuticles and voila! GB read my mind AND with a full size product too! I will definitely be keeping this with me on the go because I often find my hands getting dried out, especially after washing them. Plus, I've started to become self-conscious about my cuticles, so it's about time that I can treat them right. This 100mL product retails for $3.99CAD which is wonderful, so I can pick it up even after I'm done with it.

ÜBER // Loyalty Card
Not so sure what this is all about, but I did give their website a quick visit. There's nothing really there that would interest me in purchasing. I would however may have considered doing so if GB included a small sample of one of their products to try out. 50% off is a VERY generous offer, so maybe one of these days I will have to get serious about buying something. Even if you're not a GB member, you can still purchase a loyalty card from them for $20 on their website:

In all, this was an interesting box this month, FILLED with a ton of FULL SIZE products! Which I adore. Glossybox has been truly outdoing themselves as they go along, so kudos to them for succeeding every time! If you are interested in subscribing for your very own Glossybox, you may do so by visiting their website here and signing up for $21 /month. YOU WONT REGRET IT!


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