December 11, 2012

Revlon Selects, Canada

I don't know how many people are aware of this, or whether it was exclusive to Canada, but Revlon posted this announcement where you could apply to become one of their "Selects" aka Revlon Selects, in which they would send you a bunch of NEW full sized products for you to try and review. Yours truly was one, amongst many to be chosen. That being said, these opinions are genuinely mine, 100%

I received my box yesterday and it was a pleasant surprise as I forgot about it (even though they already told me that it was on its way)

Nevertheless, here's what's inside:

The items were packed in tons of black crumpled papers (you know, those smalls strips of papers folded back and forth, often used to fill gift baskets around easter) in a cute cubed cardboard box. As soon as you opened it, you were greeted with a photo of what to expect inside...

After digging through all the paper, these 5 items were found!

Item #o1: ColorStay Lipstick Ultimate Suede in Backstage
Sigh. I always get unlucky with lip colors. I got the darkest shade out of the 4 pictured on the card. The color is nice, it's just not at all my type of color. I still put it on though to test its formula and staying power. The formula was terrible! It was blotchy and I couldn't get a decent amount of coverage even after swiping it about 3 times and going over certain areas. It's not that easy to see in the photos since the blotchiness occurred close to the inner parts of my lips that don't really show. It did however blend a bit better when I blotted my lips. Other than that, it was still smooth to apply, but the color didn't last very long. In all, this was my least favorite product of the entire box, only because I'm ridiculously picky about lip color.

Item #o2: Glitter Nail File
I have always wanted to try Revlon's nail files because I've heard nothing but positive things about them. I'm so glad that I received this because it's fantastic! I'm never settling for dollar store nail files again. The grit is fine enough to not split or mess up my nails, which is wonderful because I have fairly thin nails. I also love the glittery side, aesthetic-wise, however though, it's impractical. I mean, I don't think you can use the glitter side, but why would you want to anyways? The life of the nail file is cut in half already because you can only use one side. Nevertheless, I still love it and will be using it on the regular.

Item(s) o3/o4: Nail Art Expressionist and Nail Art Moon Candy polishes in Vincent Van Gold and Orbit
Ahhh! Not only did they include one nail polish, but 2~ As soon as I saw the Moon Candy one, I squealed as I was looking forward to that one in particular the most. I ended up loving them both though however.

An instant favorite! The formula was a dream. It was not too thick or too thin. It was just perfect. It was also opaque after 1 coat! The purple came off looking more like a black though on the nails. After applying the wicked amazing "moon candy" glitter on top, it totally transformed my nails into something amazing. I never want to take this off! The glitter adds such an elegant touch as well. I applied a thick layer of topcoat over top to bring out the glitter even more.

Vincent Van Gold
Formula was great, but slightly thin. Took about 2-3 coats for the purple/blue to be opaque. The gold nail polish is a great color with a thinner brush for nail deco. I'm terrible at impromptu designs, so I did some terrible polka dots, then layered a topcoat over top. Overall, the 2 colors combined look gorgeous.

Overall, the nail polishes were my most favorite items of the box!!

Item #o5: Photo Ready Primer Shadow
This is such a neat product! I know that Almay has a similar idea in which I've always wanted to try, however Revlon has gone a few steps further. They include 5 different shadows in the palette: A primer (more like a base shadow), lid, crease and brow shadow, and finally, a "topcoat" shadow. On the back (which I forgot to photograph) there's a diagram with the numbers on them, as well as instructions on which to apply in what order. The palette also comes with 2 double ended applicators. First you apply the "primer" (bottom left) all over the lid, then the lide shadow (brown color), the crease color (silverish color) and then the brow shadow (pink color). Lastly, for some "pop", you add the "topcoat" shadow, which is basically a gold glitter shadow that goes on top of everything/wherever you want it to go. I love that last step!

I also lined my bottom lid with Sephora's Pantone Universe's Chestnut eyeliner and applied Benefit's They're Real mascara.

Personally I don't think brown looks good on me and I would have preferred the pink/purple combination palette photographed on the enclosed card, but I still love this idea. Especially since I'm terrible with coordinating different eyeshadows with my normal palettes. Way to go Revlon on this one!

In total, I was very pleased with the array of products Revlon was generous enough to supply to a bunch of people who were willing to try them out. I am definitely grateful for the opportunity I was presented with. If I had to list my preferences of the items provided, 1 being my favorite and 5 being the least favorite:

1. Nail Art - Moon Candy - Orbit
2. Nail Art - Expressionist - Vincent Van Gold
3. Nail File
4. Photo Ready Eyeshadow Primer palette
5. ColorStay lipstick


  1. Wow this is some great stuff! I am kind of sad I missed out on this!

  2. Free stuff, yay! I really like the nailpolishes and the eyeshadow..I really like the look you created with it ;3

  3. The glitter side of the nail file is VERY useful, actually! use it after buffing with the rough side and it polishes and gives that gleam you get from a nail salon. that's the whole point of it ;)

    1. Thanks Anon!
      I didnt have the little card on me at the time I wrote this up, but now I understand. Thank you :D

  4. I got selected as well and received the same things, except my file is sparkly fuchsia. I haven't tried out the things yet (still need to photograph all of it), but I'm excited!

    1. Yay congrats! I think everyone got the same things except the nail file color being different :3

    2. Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster award!

  5. The shadows looks great on you! I can't wait to receive mine... really really excited.

  6. I have the lip color in backstage and two other colors and they're not blotchy or anything for me. They also last all day, through eating food and drinking coke multiple times. Backstage also looks darker on me but that's just a weird difference from person to person.



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