November 26, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Nail Polish | Parachute Purple + Reflecting Pond

The instant I laid my eyes on the fall Pantone x Sephora collection, I got excited. Pantone just excites me in ways not known to man. Some people may not really know what Pantone is, but if you're a designer, you are absolutely familiar with it and lust after your own Pantone swatch book. I know I do...

Me being the nail polish addict I am, I needed to add some of these beautiful jewel tone polishes to my collection. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who works at Sephora and handed me a Friends and Family coupon (20% off) back a few months ago. So I picked up these 2 shades, along with one of the lipsticks from the collection as well.


Parachute Purple is a gorgeous duochrome purple with blueish green glitter. This is also a polish where you can actually see the duochrome on the nail/out of the bottle! Which made me very happy.


Reflecting Pond is a beautiful deep emerald color with a bluish/purple duochrome. This shade could definitely be more defined as a jewel tone in my opinion. Unfortunately the duochrome is not as visible on the nail as it is in the bottle, but it still makes for a great shade.

I can't get over how beautiful these polishes are. Even the cubed, glass shape they're in make them beautiful pieces of design to look at. Each polish cost me $11 CAD (not including the 20% discount however)

As for the polishes themselves, I found the formula slightly thick. The brush size is a decent size however to apply it well. Both polishes were fairly opaque with one coat, but I applied 2 coats for each shade to attain maximum opaqueness. I'm not sure if they're still available in stores. I know Sephora's website seems to have taken them down (unless it's just the Canadian one). Either way, if you happen to stumble upon whatever is left of the collection, I recommend these 2 shades. If I had to choose one of the 2, I would definitely go for Parachute Purple.

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  1. The purple one is very pretty! I.. still don't own any duochrome polishes :O



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