October 14, 2012

Pretty & Polished Private School Swatches

This is the first ever handmade/etsy polish I have ever bought. I purchased this from Pretty & Polished's etsy page as soon as I saw THESE amazing swatches by chalkboardnails.

This shade immediately caught my eyes and I knew that I had to make a purchase. I purchased a mini bottle, along with another mini bottle of their holographic shade called Black Swan, which I may or may not swatch at a later time.

This polish is absolutely stunning! S T U N N I N G !! It has a light grey base, with micro red glitters, followed with black and white, matte, hexagonal glitters. It was also apparently inspired by an argyle sweater, which is fitting for the color and name.

I did about 3-4 thin layers to achieve this opacity. Ah, I still can't get over how gorgeous this is. Check out Pretty & Polished! They have some pretty cool things, for a pretty decent price.


  1. That is a really pretty polish. I will have to check them out.

  2. Ooh, I like this. I am completely new to the existence of handmade nailpolish, I've never seen anyone write about it before. But I'm definitely thinking about buying this, my nails would look so pretty.

    1. Ive seen a few people blog about them and I was a little hesitant, but this was the one that made me want to actually buy one :D yay you definitely should!



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