October 07, 2012

Lime Crime Les Desserts d'Antoinette Swatches | Milky Ways, Peaches♥Cream, Pastelchio

I'm pretty iffy when it comes to Lime Crime. Yes, I've heard about all the stigma revolving around Doe Deere and what not, and I do admire her ability to push past all of that. Sometimes I'm just a little annoyed with their lack of research when it comes to their little campaigns around their new palettes. I understand everyone has themes for products, but at least make it as PC as possible in this PC world. Sigh.

Moving along. I was actually really happy to hear that they would be releasing nail polish because I'm not too crazy about makeup these days. I personally don't like the name of the series for these polishes, but that's just my opinion. And then of course, I was REALLY disappointed with the fact that their polishes could ONLY be shipped to the continental united states of america. And I understand perfectly, because I worked for a post office and understand that nail polish is considered a flammable item and should only be shipped via ground service (because if that shit explodes in mid-air on an airplane, you've screwed up other people's mail and you don't want to be accountable for that). Now with that being said, I'm only living in Canada...we share the same continent, so I don't understand why that would affect where they ship, along with Mexico. Again, it's their decision and I don't think it was very wise at first.

Moving on to the polishes. Just last week, they FINALLY became available in Canada from Harlow & Co. for $8.50 CAD —a pretty big price difference compared to the $5.99 USD on their website. Even with the conversion of the dollar (which is practically at par) it's still quite a bit, also even if H&C has to take their profit. Anyways, enough complaining, on to the polishes!

Starting with the packages that the polishes came in: I really dislike the packages. As a designer, I just...can't. Lime Crime is known for their beautiful packaging, but I really dislike this one. I know this is really unnecessary to mention, but it's engrained in me to notice.

After the boxes are tossed, the true beauty shines through! These frosted, rectangular-like bottles HAVE the be my favorite packaging/bottling for any kind of nail polish I have ever seen. The frosted glass already just gives it something else and it definitely makes the colors look "yummy"—delicious—like something you'd like to indulge in.

The 3 colors I have chosen to get are Pastelchio, Milky Ways, and Peaches♥Cream.

love the stickers at the bottom

And now on with the swatches. I was pleasantly surprised with every color I had received.


Cream off-white french tip nail polish.

I love this color, especially since it's an off-white. A pure white is never really appealing, especially against my already pale skin. This off-white creme color is gorgeous and its formula is quite smooth and covers opaque in 2 layers. A definite plus with a white color. The brush was a bit big for my nails and made application messy for me (as with the other colors).


Pastel orange. Neon peach.

If you know me, this shouldn't surprise you that I would of course grab orange. This beautiful pastel orange is absolutely dreamy. Once put on my nails though, it reminded me a lot of China Glazes Peachy Keen—which of course, I own. However though, this color is a bit more neon. Like Milky Ways, this shade took 2 coats to become opaque.


Neon lime green

This color HAS to be the unofficial Lime Crime color. It pretty much matches the green inside their packagings. It's a beautiful, non-sickening neon green which matches perfectly to be described as "pistachio". It's a yellowish green that stands out beautifully! This polish's formula was a bit better and some of my nails needed only 1 coat to be opaque.

Out of all 3 colors I received, I can't choose a favorite! They're all so beautiful. I definitely plan on getting some more when the colors I want next are restocked. Good job on you, Lime Crime for adding nail polish to your line! They're beautiful and have potential for other beautiful colors in the future.


  1. I like the off-white polish. A white polish is still on my wishlist, but honestly.. Lime Crime doesn't appeal much to me anymore. I've come to dislike Doe, she often does and says the dumbest things, honestly, she's not very likeable. These polishes look quite nice though..even if the colours aren't that mind-blowing ;)
    What don't you like about the packaging? Just curious :D

    1. It's so boring and looks thrown together at the last minute . It's as if they forgot that they had to design a box for it and just threw this together. I mean, some of their other packaging is really simple too, but at least it LOOKS like it follows the whole unicorn and magical theme.

      Yea, I have come to dislike her too. She seems kind of pretentious at times as well and it makes me laugh when she can't back up her reasoning when she does something that offends people. But somehow, people actually admire her and look up to her....

    2. Or maybe she just does her thing and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. ;) Thanks for the review.

  2. Oh, I didn't even know that Harlow & Co. started carrying Lime Crime. Interesting!

    Your nails are as cute as a button! I saw your swatches and said, "Awwww!"

    1. Aww haha, they're not as amazing as your nail swatches, but I will get there one day :3



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