October 19, 2012

Glymm Box/Bag October 2012

At long last, the October Glymm box/bag has arrived. What's so special about this aside from it being "Breast Cancer" themed? It's my last bag. I cancelled my subscription finally!

They did try to swindle me into staying with their new promotion of getting a free bottle of nail polish every month. As tempting as that was, I realized that I didn't want to spend $10-$12 a month for nail polish and a bunch of so-so samples. So I bit the bullet and cancelled.

So here's what was inside:

All I can say is....wtf? I mean, I understand the purpose, but I think it's useless. Then again, I don't wear eyeshadow that often so it's no big deal for me to use a q-tip and wipe off any mascara that ends up on my lid. The picture pretty much says it all. You use the lash cards to keep the mascara from getting on your lid or clumping. Each card has a use of 4 uses and they're then supposed to be disposed of for hygiene's sake. A full box of 10 cards retails for $6.99CAD.

FEMME COUTURE // Lightening Lash Mascara
Just another mascara to me really. This mascara claims to build/lengthen lashes. Its brush is weird to me, but apparently it's a "special extreme" brush which helps to evenly apply the mascara from root to tip. Glymm also recommends to try out the lash cards with them.

CYBERDERM // H2O Hydration and Every Morning Sun Whip creams.
Sigh, more useless creams! I still havent used the other Cyberderm samples I got a few months ago. Anyways, the H2O cream is a moisturizer that's supposed to provide calming relief from the day's stress and also has anti-aging benefits. It's also supposed to be used before the sun whip. As for the sun whip, it's a sunscreen with a cashmere, matte finish that can be applied to not just the face, but neck, chest and hands. The full size bottle of the H2O Hydration of 50mL, retails for $60 and the full size bottle of the sun whip of 50mL is $38.

MISS JESSIE'S // Baby Buttercreme
I was actually excited when I saw this because I thought it was more hand creams (I actually like those). Turns out it's hair cream. It's supposed to soften the hair and is intended for people with dry, crunchy, curls....which is not me. Way to go Glymm. I might just give it a try for kicks, but I have a feeling it'll make my hair greasy and oily a whole lot faster.Full size of 59ML retails for $9.


Baby oil....now why would I need that? I actually already have a bigger bottle of the stuff in my bathroom cupboard that has been sitting in there for a few years. Sigh. It's supposed to be a promotional sample for a new Glymm box that will be coming out, called Glymm Mama. It's cute, but I would have been fine with the paper/brochure advertisement. However, for anyone who is curious to know, baby oil is good for taking off makeup and is good for shaving your legs.

Last but not least, they also included the infamous pink ribbon that represents breast cancer...which I thought was sweet.

And that is that. Good riddance Glymm. Can't really say I'm sad about it. It was good while it lasted, but what's done is done.


  1. Nice review, I liked the photos you took (gives me a great picture of what I should expect in my bag). I dislike getting hair products when there's no ingredient list. I don't think I will be using the hair cream either, I have super fine and sleek hair with really sensitive scalp :S! But I can see that Glymm is trying hard to make improvements. Hope you will be enjoying your box! :)

    1. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother filling out these "beauty profiles" for these subscription services, only to receive items that are completely useless to us! Maybe they were just desperate to get samples from people :p

  2. Wow, I can't imagine anyone spending money on something like eyelash cards. So .. useless.
    I'm glad I've never gotten one of these boxes though, even though it seems exciting to find out what you're gonna get in the box every month, so much stuff looks like you'll never use it. Like the moisturizer samples, I haven't got the best skin, and I'm not just going to try other different stuff on my face everytime I get a sample.

    1. I know! What a ridiculous creation!

      Yes, I totally agree with you on that one. I already have a moisturizer that I love and swear by, so all these samples are kind of useless to me. I do however sometimes keep them in different places (i.e. at work, in a bag i use) just in case I forget my normal moisturizer and need a backup...even if it doesn't compare to what I normally use.

  3. I thought this bag was okay. I agree that the lash card is pretty useless.


    1. The lash cards feel like a gag gift to me lol



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