September 30, 2012

NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection Swatches

As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to get some swatches up for this limited edition palette from NYX, which is based off the movie, Dark Shadows. You know, the one with Johnny Depp?

This palette contains:
• 24 eyeshadow shades
• 5 shades of blush
• 4 shades of lip gloss
• 1 HD eyeshadow base
• 1 black liquid eyeliner
• 1 illuminator

It comes in a book-like palette, with "pages".

The first "page" contains the 24 eyeshadow shades and a mirror.

The first 12 shades are very pretty, very sparkly and very glamorous. There doesn't appear to be any names for the shades unfortunately, so I'll have to refer to them in grid formation.

I swatched them over the included HD eyeshadow base, starting by the bottom left. Some of the colors did not come out as pigmented and some look a lot different compared to the photo above. My favorites of this group would have to be the silvery white/beige color (first row, 2nd square), the copper (first row, 4th color), the navy blue with blue sparkles (second row, 4th color), the shimmery beige-pink (second row, 3rd color) and the light purple shimmer (second row, 1st color).

This group of 12 eyeshadows is more my thing. It contains neutral colors in browns, pinks, soft yellows and beiges.

I was more disappointed with this palette's pigmentation, more so with the lighter shades. While they are still lovely, a lot of them also kind of look the same. I do love the soft yellow-gold color.

The second "page" contains the blushers, illuminator, lip glosses, eyeshadow base and eyeliner, plus some characters from the movie to give you some inspiration for looks.

The eyeshadow base is similar to UD Primer Potion, in the sense that it comes with a doe foot applicator, and a skin tone shade.

The black eyeliner is actually really decent! The smell applicator made it so much easier for me to apply it to my eyes, especially since I've had so much trouble apply liquid eyeliner in the past. See below for the swatch.

Here's a swatch of the illuminator and the black eyeliner. I love the illuminator. It's a soft gold color with gold sparkles and shimmer.

Here are the blushers. I am personally not a blush person and believe it's the most useless makeup product next to bronzers. But anyways, here are the colors.

And last, but not least: the lip glosses. They're actually some really nice colors, but I'm not so sure whether they'd suit me...maybe just the nude one.

I also did a quick look using the navy blue with sparkles, the soft yellow and the copper color. I then tried out the eyeliner and was surprised to see how well I applied it! I always do such a bad job. Other products I used for this: Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, Lancome Hypnose mascara, Kiss false eyelashes, GOSH kohl eyeliner in Denmark.


  1. WOW - the eye look you did is stunning. Love it! It really plays up the colour of your eyes and is very dramatic against your hair. :)

    I'm very surprised that you aren't a fan of blush. Whenever I use it, I notice a big improvement in my complexion - it looks more 'awake'. As for bronzers, haha, I've bought a few, but haven't tried them yet. (Guess I'm a little chicken about applying it wrong and looking muddy. One day I'll muster up the courage.)

    1. Thank you! I don't have the courage to go in public with such a dramatic look though ^^;

      It may because I don't know how or where to apply it, or even the right color. I have naturally rosy/red cheeks, so I feel like that's enough color for me :P



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