September 27, 2012

Glossybox Canada September 2012

Another month has passed and another Glossybox has arrived! And as usual, they NEVER fail to impress!

This month's theme is Red Carpet Ready, inspired by the many fashion weeks, fall fashions and even TIFF ;) Here's what's inside:

And a closer look:

WELLA PROFESSIONALS // Mirror polish shine serum Out of all the hair finishing products out there, I think the only one I would actually use is some sort of shine serum. I'm a simple person when it comes to hair (minus the color ;) ). So simple that I don't blow dry or straighten on the regular. Anyways, as you can probably already guess, this product will add an "exquisite shimmer" to your hair. This full-size sample of 40mL retails for $12.99CAD.

B.KAMINS // Maple Body Lotion & lip balm SPF 20 Oh gawd yes! I'm so glad for lip balm, especially with SPF and especially since my lips have become chapped because of this incoming cooler weather. Of course body lotion is just as good for the same purpose, but for skin! If you havent guessed already, this brand is Canadian! (Didn't the Bio-Maple give it away? ;3) The lip balm is not only moisturizing as most are, but it's also anti-aging with sunscreens that repair and protect your lips. The body lotion is also anti-aging. Full size of 15g lip balm retails for $21CAD and the full size body lotion of 180mL is $41CAD Glossybox has alsco included a 25% off your next purchase of B.KAMINS. If you're interested, the code is: GLOSBX. Also, apparently you can find them in stores at Sephora! Neat.

DOVE // Cleartone anti-persperant This may sound lame, but I love getting deodorant samples! They're super handy to keep in random places when you need to "freshen" up. This particular one is specifically created to help reduce underarm discoloration caused by dry skin from shaving. How wonderful! That is actually a big deal because women do suffer from underarm discoloration. Definitely anxious to try this one out. Full size of 45g retails for about $3.99-$4.99CAD
NYX // The Crimson Amulet Collection. Limited Edition! Last, but not least, this amazing FULL SIZE palette/collection/etc by Nyx! I seriously "OMG"ed when I saw this. I freaked. I don't own anything like this so I was excited to get this in the box! This is inspired by the movie Dark Shadows.

The shades legend on the back of the box. Includes 24 eyeshadow shades, 5(?) shades of blush, 4 shades of lipgloss, illuminator, eyeshadow base and eyeliner. How amazing!!

The palette out of the box.

The first "spread" includes all 24 beautiful, fall-like shades, applicators and a mirror.

The second "spread" includes characters from the movie and their looks to inspire you, plus the blushes, lip glosses, illuminator, liner and base.

Such an amazing get! This compact retails for $25CAD which is not bad, then again I don't buy these on the regular.

My thoughts? Glossybox, YOU ARE AMAZING. Seriously. Don't ever change! I cannot believe how fantastic this service has been to me since month 1. They truly excel in picking out the right things for us beauty lovers. If you don't have Glossybox, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? GET IT! It's worth the $15 a month! It's cheaper than the US subscription (and the products are kind of better :P) Get your subscription here, NOW!

Speaking of amazing Glossybox, if you may (or may not) remember, they contacted me a while ago saying that I was selected for a ~*~special~*~ box for being awesome (okay maybe not those exact words). They just really appreciated my love for them I guess. And oh man, they're just fantastic guys. They sent me this amazing box of free hair products:
They personalized it according to my hair color and type. Thank you Glossybox! I truly appreciate it and will make good use of it :3

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope to get a swatch post of the palette/compact/etc soon!


  1. I am loving this months box as well! They always deliver quality (thus far)

    1. They really do! I mean, compared to Glymm, they're out of this world! ;)

  2. I was thrilled when I opened up this and spotted the NYX palette. I really hope everyone was able to get this palette. I agree this is by far my favorite box of all time.

    1. I hope so too! It's such a cool thing to have :D I hope they continue to be my favorite :3

  3. how awesome! you guys get a full size nyx palette :P



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