September 17, 2012

Glymm Box/Bag September 2012

September Glymm Bag has arrived, and sadly, I cannot say that I am excited.

I wasn't at all impressed by what I received this month. I am honestly tired of waiting on them to up their game when there are other competitors that have done so well in doing just that! Sorry Glymm, but we have to go our separate ways. I do believe I was already charged for October, so I still have one more month to go until the plug is finally pulled.

L.A. FRESH // Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes
I have used L.A. Fresh before—their nail polish remover wipes, to be exact—and I loved them. I'm hoping for good things with these remover wipes.

BENTABERRY // Super moisturizing Face cream for girls - Preventative line
This cream protects and restores skins radiance, and its special formula is made for girls. I have received another product from Bentaberry last month, but I barely used it. This will probably just end up in a drawer somewhere.

VILLAINESS // Dulces en Fuego Whipped body cream
This stuff smells really nice, descrivbed as "chocolate and sugar". It definitely does smell like cookies. This is probably something I will use because of its warm scent and even light "whipped" feeling. It claims to moisturize the skin, with enough oils to create a breathable emollient barrier, and has a velvety-soft afterfeel.

EVOLVh // Ultra Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
Honestly, I don't need any more shampoos/conditioners to try, but because it's for color treated hair, I might just do so because it never hurts to find a perfect product. Apparently this stuff has quite a reputation amongst hair dressers for being the best for repairing damaged hair and being super moisturizing.

So like I said, I was disappointed by this month's bag, so much so that I didn't even want to write a full on informative review on it. If you still want to sign up with Glymm, you can do so for $12/month at


  1. Im pretty disappointed with the products this month as well! I had high hopes for this box

    1. I've now learned to not have any hopes at all for Glymm. At first I was trying to accept all these never-before-heard-of brands, but now I'm just bored. The samples are getting fewer and I can't justify paying $12 a month for it anymore!

  2. I think the shampoo is pretty awesome! It's pretty expensive too for the full size (plus it's all natural and sulfate free)! I havn't got my bag yet. I wonder if there's different variations.

    1. The shampoo seems promising from what I keep researching. Plus the sample is quite generous too. Hopefully it'll deliver the good results it claims.

  3. I am still waiting for my bag and have no idea when its coming in since I didn't get a notification email. From the looks of it is a disappointing bag. I would have thought with the fall coming we would have gotten a fall bag. I always keep hoping that they will up there game but its not looking like that. I am almost ready to pull the plug to since I feel as though we never really get our money value on the bag and really how many make up bags do we need?

    1. Exactly! When I heard of GlamBag or MyGlam or whatever subscription they have in the states, I thought it was ridiculous! I definitely don't need that many makeup bags. I actually prefer the pink boxes we used to get them least then you can recycle them or put things in them.

      I really hope that there's other variations for other people's sakes, but who knows. I, too was thinking that maybe there'd be some fall-like samples. Next month is October/Halloween and it would be nice if they did something for that!

  4. I have heard of all these brands before.
    Maybe because I shop on some of the bigger cosmetic sites or read many magazines?

    The Evolvh products are mostly organic and very nice- the full size conditioner is 8oz and sells for $25!
    I wish the Vilainess cream was a bit bigger. though.

    I just subscribed for a YEAR of Glymm bags and hope the samples will at least be ok.
    I have also sent them a few comments about hating to have these dreaded cosmetic bags.
    I would rather have a extra sample or else I asked that they use "useful" containers for the a ziplock lunch container (then you can use to store food in the fridge later,lol).

    1. Wow, that is pretty expensive for that shampoo. I guess I should consider myself lucky for having it.

      Me too! I like the Villainess and would have loved for it to be in a tube of some sort, with more product.

      Eep! Good luck with that. That's great that you gave them feedback on the makeup bags. I think the lunch container is a great idea! Definitely would be useful and you can never have too many of those (:

  5. I too am vey disappointed, very poor selection



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