July 27, 2012

Dueba Twist Tornado Green Lenses

Hooray, this is my 3rd pair of circle lenses! And they're all from the lovely SPECIALLENS.com. This pair however, I won from Anna's generous giveaway last month. We got to choose from the Twist Tornado series or the Blytheye Lens series. I just thought the Twist Tornado ones looked cooler :3 I also chose green because I already have a pair of purple and grey lenses and I just wanted to see how green would look on top of my blue eyes since it's hard to find lenses that go well with light eyes.

Thankfully this time they remembered to include a lens case for me. I also like how the viles now have SPECIALLENS printed on them.

In terms of comfort, they're pretty comfortable. Although at first they burned my eyes, but I cleaned the lenses with my own solution and they ended up being fine. After putting them on, they looked kind of funny on my eyes because the hole wasn't properly aligned with my pupil, thus giving me a green ring around my vision. But with a slight adjustment, all was fine and I barely even noticed them.

Thankfully the color/swirl part covers up a majority of my iris so I didn't have to worry too much about it looking good/bad with the blue of my eye. Again, they don't offer my prescriptions, so I ended up choosing -0.00 for both eyes so that I can either put them on top of my real contacts or just wear these with glasses. It sucks having weird/bad eyes.

Base Curve:
8.6 --very close to my regular contacts, so it was comfortable

14.5mm --creates an enlarged eye

Water % of Content:
38% --good for people who get dry eyes

So, in all, I think these lenses would have to be my favorite out of the other 2 that I currently own. They're dramatic and noticeable, plus green doesn't look all too bad on me.

Overall Rating:


  1. Those lenses are a-ma-zing!! Love what you did with your makeup and looove that first picture of you!


    1. Thank you! I've been getting a lot of compliments on that photo, so I must have done something right ^^; haha

  2. Oh, your blog got a makeover. I like it a lot!

    And the review is fab, you look amazing in those lenses and I love the 'windy' effect of your hair in the first picture.

    1. Haha, yes it did~ glad you like it (:

      Ah, I'm not so good with reviews, I always feel like I'm missing out on certain aspects, but than you, thank you :3



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