May 17, 2012

Avocado Smoothie Recipe!

I'm currently sitting here with a cold and thought I should pass the time by sharing this amazing and simple recipe for an avocado smoothie that I've been dying to share for a while that I have adapted from a good friend of mine.

• 1 ripe avocado
• ice (cubes)
• milk (the bigger the %, the thicker the smoothie)
• sugar
• blender/magic bullet
• 1-2 spoons
• knife

• condensed milk

1 avocado = 1 serving
** sometimes you may get a little extra, but that's always good (:

Start out by cutting your avocado in half and remove the pit.

I did this part, purely for the recipe, but you can cut up your avocado slice like so, OR just use a spoon to spoon out small chunks of avocado from its skin.

Here's an idea of what it looks like in the blender.

Then add your ice on top. Honestly I have no measurement for this, but I would generally say 1.5 cup of ice or 6-7 ice cubes. You can adjust it as you go.

Next, add milk. Again, I have no exact measurement, so I would estimate it to be 3/4 cup. Then add sugar to your own liking. I did about 2 tbsp.

OPTIONAL: if you prefer to use condensed milk, you would sub the milk + sugar for it instead. However I would recommend putting in some milk as well so that the mixture isn't too thick.

Blending time! (excuse my grandparents dirty blender ;;) First I use the ice crush setting for about 20 seconds or so, then I use the "Pulse" button. I usually pulse it in increments of 3-5 seconds until the ice looks pretty crushed.

After some time, check your mixture to see its thickness and of course, taste test! Now if you're making the smoothie for yourself, you can use just one spoon for this whole thing to taste and stir the mixture.

In this case, the ice wasn't crushed enough as you can see some big ice chunks, and the mixture was a but thick, so I added a bit more milk and "pulsed" the blender for a bit longer. Below I have a table of possible situations you may get into and how to solve them ;)

Generally you want to get it to a what I call "straw sucking" thickness. Which means not too thick so that you struggle to drink it from a straw. I know we've all had smoothies in our lives, so you should have a general idea about the thickness that you like.

Again, taste your smoothie to see if it's to your liking, then pour it into a glass...or two, using a spoon to get out anything stuck at the bottom.

And that's all! Simple, huh?

Not really sure how many people out there like avocados, but I LOVE them! I even eat them by themselves from time to time. They're a really good fruit for your heart health. Let me know if any of you actually try this out when you get a chance (:



  1. It looks like a green cloud in a glass, haha
    Can't wait to try it myself! Especially with the summer coming :)


  2. I love avocado smoothies *0*



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