December 21, 2011

Invitations by Dawn

The other day I seized the opportunity of ordering 3 FREE wedding invitation samples from

Since they're Canadian, the samples arrived so quickly! They're located in Stratford, ON (home of Justin Beiber)

Anyways. No, I don't plan on getting married any time soon, however I do just have an obsession with print designs and especially wedding invites. The designs offered by IBD are traditional-like with flourishes and script fonts. I personally love more modern, unique designs with bright colors and a hand-crafted look. Nevertheless, free samples are always appreciated in my designer heart.

I received a Thank You note for requesting the samples and even a coupon code

It Takes Two - Lipstick & Tangerine
2 other color options, but orange is my favorite so I chose this color. I only received a sample of the invitation itself without the thank you note or envelope.
What do I think? I love the intricate design of the flowers. I could barely see it in the preview image so it was a pleasant surprise. I love that the flowers look like they were stamped on. As far as typography goes...I'm not going to touch it. I know wedding invites have their own appeal and rules.

Flourishing Beauty - Lagoon
3 other color options. I only received the envelope + invite
What do I think?: I love, love, love this kind of envelope! I just love how it folds and has a pocket to slip something inside. It's so krafty. I also like the color combo they choose for this option. I do also like the flourishes framing the names in the center, such great balance. Even the text placement gives the invite an overall balanced appeal. Super elegant.

Elegant Damask
no other options. Only received the hybrid envelope/invite.
What do I think?: I absolute adore the elegant damask design of the envelope! It's so pretty and elegant. However the inside doesn't really compliment the outside at all unfortunately. The inside is rather quite plain and frankly the outside design is the best part.

Overall, I think Invitations by Dawn offers quite a selection of elegant premade wedding invites. I honestly had a hard time choosing only 3 samples. I wanted so many! Also, I don't really know much about how wedding invites are priced, so I can't really say much about how they compare to the other contenders.

What I like about their site is that you can search by theme (i.e. Celtic, flowers, childhood, etc) and that they offer all kinds of invites and things related to your wedding.

So head on over to their website and request your free samples! They're also giving away FREE catalogues, so make sure to snag one of those as well!


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