December 26, 2011

Christmas + Boxing Day Haul

Happy Holidays to everyone! I had an average Christmas and an even better Boxing Day. It feels so great to finally be able to buy some things for myself! I received a lot of generosity this year and I truly appreciated it. I'm glad I was able to take a little portion of it to spend on myself. Here's what I got!

(from L to R): xmas socks, Nirvana Nevermind (deluxe version!), $25 Bath & Body Works giftcard, TY Socks the Sock Monkey Beanie Baby, Haruki Murakami's 1Q84(!!), money, milk chocolate bar, lucky bag from pacific mall.

Most of the above gifts were given to my from my boyfriend and he's truly the best. I bought the lucky bag for myself and the money + chocolate was from my grandparents. I also received money from both parents, my grandmother on my dad's side and my aunt & uncle.

I even got our new $100 bill! It's made out of plastic and it can't be torn. It's also see-through too :D so cool!

New alarm clock! (finally) I've had my previous alarm clock since I was 6 years old! (15 years ago)

A cranberry/citrus candle from my boyfriend's parents. Smells SOOO good.

Hello Kitty 4GB flash drive from my bf :3

On to boxing day! Boxing day is kind of like the Canadian equivalent of the American Black Friday, however not as intense (or so I believe). Unfortunately I shopped alone this year, but in a way it's good. I was actually only excited to hit up Bath & Body Works this year, otherwise everything else can wait for later in the week because a lot of these sales are week long.

so my scores this year is from B&BW and Forever21

I was ready and waiting outside of Bath & Body Works along with a crowd of people. I only just found out about the yellow tote bag last night and how if you purchase it, you will save an additional 10% off everything you buy. What I didn't know last night was how much it would cost and whether it was worth it or not. Fortunately it was! Purchased for around $3, it was easy for me to make it worth it.

I ended up loading my tote with 5 of the Slatkin & Co. Holiday 3-wick candles! I was even the first one to make a purchase! :D I got (3) Mint Chocolate, (the last) Twisted Peppermint & (the last) Marshmallow Peppermint. Yes, I love minty things!

In all, with the 50%, plus additional 10% off, plus the $10 off for spending $30 PLUS the $25 giftcard, I ended up spending $30. I'm SO happy :D The original price of those candles are $22.50 EACH, so I was ever pleased.


What I got: A greenish-blue hoodie, a fox printed sweater top and a deer printed sweater top + a free gift with purchase!

the GWP turned out to be a small little duffel bag that says "I LOVE Forever21". I think it's adorable.

I'm incredibly pleased with what I got and am looking forward to spending maybe a little bit more on a few more things. Some things I am looking to get include:
• a laptop bag
• 2012 tokidoki calendar
• new camera lens - Nikkor AF-S 50mm F/1.8 (maybe)
• new apple keyboard + cover (maybe)
• haircut!

Yes, I know I'm lame, but I'm not extremely wanting of very much this year.


  1. I know it sounds weird but.. do you still have the deer print sweater?

    1. Can you post pics? gosh it looks cute!



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