December 19, 2011

1 month

I know I havent made any mention yet, but I just wanted to announce that I have just about finished my first month out of 3, for an internship! I'm really happy to have found this place and finally get my taste of the Graphic/Web Design industry.

The company I'm interning at is a website that offers really good deals and discounts on kitchenware, home decor and furniture. It's called:

I will admit that I was turned off about the whole internship being unpaid, however I knew I needed to suck it all up and just do it. I'm glad I made the right decision because I found a really good place for me to start.

After being there for 4 weeks, I knew instantly and of course over the past couple of weeks, that this is what I want to do. It's pretty much what I was born to do and that I don't see myself getting sick of it. I actually like every assignment I receive and I love the feedback I get, both positive and negative. I'm just so happy to have finally found some place where I can put out my creative talents to help improve a company's look and feel. I have learned so much so far and look forward to learning more.

Sadly, there is no guarantee for a chance at a full-time position after I'm done (whether they really love me or not) so I'm really doing well with keeping my mind open and not getting my hopes up. I already appreciate how much experience I am getting from doing this and I'm confident that it's enough for me to continue on with this career.


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