January 02, 2012

VICHY Aqualia Thermal Review

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! I'm going to start off the new year with a review of a certain product that I really love by Vichy! It's called AQUALIA THERMAL and pretty much uses the elements of water to hydrate your skin.

I received this gift set from my mother because even she like this product so much that she took and used my jar! You can buy the jar separately at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $36 CAD and comes in 2 strengths: Light and Rich. I personally like Rich best. This set I believe is around the same price and you get the 2 extra products for free! What a deal!

This set includes:
• 1 full-sized jar of Aqualia Thermal (in Rich)
• 1 100ml 3-in-1 cleanser
• 1 travel size Spa Water

Starting off with the main product and the one I love the most, the moisturizing cream. I have combination skin and in the winter time I get horrible patches of dry skin (and sometimes in the summer too, odd enough). When I was working at Shoppers Drug Mart a few years back, I asked one of the Beauty Boutique ladies to recommend me a really good moisturizer. I was actually considering using Clinique's moisturizer at the time, but our location didn't offer Clinique. She also recommended for me to use the Rich formula because the Light formula wasn't as effective.

After using it for the first time, it delivered immediate results! The formula is super rich and thick, but it's extremely moisturizing! I even ended up at a point where I didn't even need to apply it every single day because the moisture would last for a very long time. I do recommend however, to use it after showering of course!

The cream is white and has a very pleasant fragrance to it. It's free of Parabens, hypoallergenic, and has been tested on sensitive skin. It also claims to be a 24 hour hydrating care, which I can definitely vouch for.

It is definitely my number 1 moisturizer and I have even been trying different moisturizers in between and even still, I always return to my beloved Vichy. Also, I did not mention previously, but I have been using this product for well over 3 years now.

As for the other 2 bonus products, I have never used them, but will not hesitate to integrate them into my routine. Here's some info on the 2:

3-in-1 Cleanser
• cleansing milk, toner and eye make-up remover in 1
• paraben free
• uses the thermal spa water
• tested on sensitive skin
• full size bottle is 200mL in size

Thermal Spa Water
• Rich in mineral salts and trace elements
• Soothes sensitive skin and reinforces skin defenses
• for all skin types
• Helps to decongest and reinforces the skin's natural protection
• full size bottle is 150mL

Overall Rating:

For I am forever a loyal customer!


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