January 14, 2014

LUSH | Santa's Lip Scrub

Yes, yes, I know—Christmas is over. Well, considering it's only been a few weeks since then, I wanted to share the awesome find I found from Lush: Santa's Lip Scrub.

I'm a pretty big fan of Lush's lip scrubs. I've previously reviewed Sweet Lips, which I had to throw away because it expired.

If you haven't heard, Santa's Lip Scrub is a LE, Christmas/Holiday scrub from Lush. It's a scrumptious cola-flavored, red lip scrub with the cutest little sugar hearts. As far as cola-flavored goes, I'd say that it's more lemon flavored in my opinion. Still really nice as far as natural ingredients goes.

I'm a huge fan of Lush's lip scrub—in fact, it's all I really like from Lush (then again, I haven't tried much else). It's the perfect coarseness—without being too harsh or abrasive—to be effective enough to get your lips to an amazing level of softness. Seriously. It's my go-to lip scrub.

And also, if you did not know, Lush's lip scrubs are edible! So after you smooth everything out, you need not be afraid to lick your lips! One thing else that I really like about Santa's Lip scrub over the other ones is that after the scrub is scrubbed off, it leaves a nice rosy, red color on the lips (not to be confused with a stain).

I picked this up for $8.50CAD AND, I got a second one for FREE as part of their boxing day sale. Super score!


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