December 29, 2013

Laura Mercier | Artist's Palette for Eyes

I kept putting this post off, mostly because of lack of proper lighting, but I finally got the chance to take photos/swatches of this gorgeous palette by Laura Mercier.

I originally bought this palette for my mom during the Friends and Family sale in October, for her birthday. She was looking for a palette with nice neutrals, so I took a gander at Sephora's website and discovered this magnificent palette. After I picked it up, I decided that I liked it so much, that I wanted to get my own. So I did.

I'm glad I picked it up when I did because I didn't realize how popular this palette was. I paid $60 CDN, minus the 20% off for the VIB F&F sale. It sold out pretty fast online as well.

The palette is encased in a fake crocodile-type case with a magnetic enclosure.

The palette features 12 shades, of varying matte, lusterous and satin shades, all of which turned out surprisingly complementary to my blue eyes, as well as a mirror on the inside.

Vanilla Nuts - light-neutral-champagen (matte)
As you can see, this color is barely visible on my skin. It's great for highlighting or using as an all-over base however. I had to swatch it on top of a white base in order for it to show up on its own.

Sparkling Dew - pale, light pink (sateen)
This color is very similar to Vanilla Nuts, except with a shimmery, satin finish. Super gorgeous and again, nice enough to use for highlighting or base.

Primrose - yellow-pink with golden pearl (sateen)
This shade isn't anything too spectacular to me, but the fact that it does have a satin finish, makes it useful for blending with other shades.

Guava - peach stucco (sateen)
This has probably got to be my favorite shades of the entire palette. It's a beautiful pinkish-peach color with fine glitter. Looks fantastic by itself or paired with something. I especially love the contrast of the color with my blue eyes.

Fresco - neutral beige-brown (matte)
Another color good enough to use as a base or blending.

African Violet - violet copper shimmer (luster)
Another one of my favorites of the palette. The gorgeous gold glitter mixed in with a beautiful cool-tones purple, screams luxurious to me. This is one shade you'll love to wear on its own.

Bamboo - golden brown shimmer (luster) Just like African Violet, Bamboo is a luster shade which makes it a beautiful all-over color.

Plum Smoke - smokey amethyst (matte) This shade surprised me. I never thought a smokey purple color could look any sorts of good on me. However though, the color is more of a greyish purple.

Truffle - deep chocolate taupe (matte)
Another shade that surprised me was this one. I have always stayed away from darker shades because I dfound that I smudged them a lot and that it looked too messy on me. The brown color of this shade actually loks great on its own and the color richness/payoff is fantastic.

Kir Royal - deep aubergine (sateen)
Another great color to wear on its own or blend. It's a purpley-brown with a slight satin finish.

Espresso Bean - dark brown (matte)
Like I was saying previously, dark shades were never my thing, but the richness of these shades are so amazing that I've surprised myself. I also really like that this is a dark brown and not a true black.

Violet Ink - plum (matte)
Don't be fooled, this is actually not the same color as Espresso Bean, there is a slight difference. This is another incredible matte shade with an amazingly rich payoff.

Here's what they look like swatched on my hand, over a white base:

Overall? I am incredibly pleased and impressed with this palette. There's so much to choose from and ever color is as gorgeous as the next (despite having a few no-so favorites) A lot of the shades can be worn alone or used in combinations of one another. There are tons of looks to be created! The payoff of each color is very good in quality. I absolutely recommend!

Despite the fact that this palette is sold out, you can buy most of the shades featured, separately as well.


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