November 13, 2013

Xmas Wishlist '13

It's never too early to start a wishlist! I thought I should compile a wishlist because I find that people have a hard time picking stuff for me at xmas. I also have the drive/determination to buy things when I want them, so that also may deter some people. I made sure these were items that I am looking to get, but not planning on getting anytime soon/would love for it to be gifted :') This list is to inspire people or give them ideas and heck, maybe even you, yourself will find yourself maybe lusting over the same things. So, without further ado, here's my wishlist:

1. Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. How can this not be #1 on your list?! It's all I can think about right now! Unfortunately, us Canadians will probably be waiting until Sephora and SDM starts carrying the palette in December, so why not ask it for xmas?
2. SodaStream - Source If you haven't heard about SodaStream, I suggest you do! Especially if you're an avid pop drinker. I'm not one myself, but this baby can make quite a lot of carbonated drinks that will save you money in the long run. Super worth the investment. I'm most particularly interested in the Source model, or even the new Jet model.
3. Latte mug by DAVIDsTea This latte mug from DAVIDsTea is super adorable and perfect for winter. I honestly would love anything from DAVIDsTea, but this one takes the cake.
4. Sugarpill Saprkle Baby - Kitten Parade I've been waiting and waiting for Sugarpill's launch of their Sparkle Baby collection for what seems like forever. I am most interested in the Kitten Parade shade as I fell in love with many swatches since the LA IMATS in January.
5. Dexter's Final Cut: A Novel by Jeff Lindsay Love books and I love this series. I need this book to add to my collection of the Dexter's series.
6. Enchanted Polish I have been waiting forever to get my hands on this expensive polish! It's nearly impossible to get any because it's so darn popular that they always sell out so quick! Fortunately, I found out that is doing a restock of their stuff this Saturday, so fingers crossed I can get this. If not, maybe someone else can? :') I'm particularly interested in the shades: Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth, As If!, Dijinn in a Bottle, J'Adore, Love the Way You Lilac, Afternoon Delight, Future Reflections, Magical Mystery Tour, etc etc
7. Silhouette Cameo I've seen this bad boy around so many DIY blogs and know it would be a great asset for print things! I've been wanting to open/create my own etsy page for cute goodies and what not and this would help me out sooo much if I could get one of these.
8. Stila - Color Outside of the Lines, Eyeliner Set Been eyeing this set for a bit. Loved the swatches!
9. Record Player I've been wanting one of these for years and thought that sooner or later I should get one. My aunt gave me a bunch of her old records a few years ago and I've still been unable to listen to them. Since vinyl is making a comeback, it would be nice to pick up a vinyl version of some albums I already love. Orange would be best, of course ;)
10. Socks! Love getting socks.
11. Necklaces Love jewelry, especially necklaces with odd/unique pendants. I especially love these kinds of anatomical heart necklaces.
12. Winter Jacket I really love this jacket from ASOS. I think it's really elegant and would hopefully compliment my curves.
13. New bag! I am super particular about my bags. No, I don't call them purses or handbags. I very much dislike those words. My bags are always the cross-body types, in a canvas, messenger bag styled (but smaller). I have a Roxy bag that looks like this, but with a different design. It's starting to break down on me and it's hard to find/not very cheap to find. I do like this bag, but something similar/close would suffice.

Update: As of December 6th, I have obtained the following: Naked 3, Enchanted Polish (Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth, Afternoon Delight)

What's on your list this year? Would love to see your posts!


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