August 01, 2013

OCC Lip Tar Pencil

Yes, that's right, I have turned my OCC lip tar into a pencil. How? Using this wonderful tutorial by the one and only Mai.

I'm not going to tell you how to do it, because Mai has worked really hard to put an amazing tutorial together. I will recommend however that you USE GLOVES. I totally regret not doing so and my hands were stained. Also because the formula from the lip tar has oils in it, water doesn't just wash it off. I found that the rubbing alcohol did the best with getting it off of not only my hands, but the tools I used for it.

Grandma is the shade I chose to turn into a pencil. I bought all of my supplies from TKB Trading, as recommended by the tutorial.

Here is the comparisons between the lip pencil and lip tar from the tube. The left is the lip pencil and the right is the lip tar from the tube. They're pretty close, only the finish is different—the one from the tube being more shiny/glossy.

I definitely prefer having the lip tar in pencil form because I'm so terribly messy when it comes to applying it to my lips with a brush. Also the fact that it's not as moist as it is from the tube, its staying power is much longer lasting. I know some people may think or say, "what's the point of buying the lip tar if you're going to make it solid?", but I like their colors! And I can choose between either.

I added some decorative washi tape at the bottom to keep the bottom cap of the barrel stay on.


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