May 18, 2013

Introducing SeasonsBox! May 2013

I recently stumbled upon (yet another!) subscription service. This service however, is more than just beauty products, and looking on the past few boxes since they've started, it looks quite promising.

Introducing: Seasons Box!

A new subscription service that allows people to be introduced you to environmentally conscious products that meet their highest quality standards and that will stimulate your senses. Each month they carefully compile 3-5 luxurious full size seasonal must-have products for your home, body, and spirit that tailor to one season (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn), or Seasonal Holidays and Occasions.

Hence, "Seasons" box.

May's SeasonsBox's theme is Celebrating mothers and women.

Here's what's inside.

DEEP STEEP // Natural Body Wash in Lavender & Chamomile
Not a fan of lavender scent, but thankfully this doesn't have too much of a strong scent. Unfortunately I already have a go-to body wash so I may have to pass this on.

ZEN-ful // Natural Bath Bomb in Rose
Yuck. I hate the smell of roses. They remind me of death sadly. I also don't ever have baths so this is pretty useless to me.

PRITI NYC POLISH // Nail Polish in Mermaid Rose
Hooray Nail polish! I always love discovering new brands and this is such a pretty color. Unfortunately it's very similar to ORLY's Melodious Utopia: a yellow with red and gold glitter. Buuuut I still love it! Perfect summer color.

GOURMET BODY TREATS // Natural Eye Shadow in Rosehip
Love this color and the formula is nice. This company is 100% vegan and makes everything by hand.

Compared to their previous boxes, this month's SeasonsBox was a little disappointing because it felt like another beauty box. I will however continue my subscription because I have high hopes for this new service! I also really like that you can shop their old boxes, which I may consider doing.

Thinking of signing up? Their service is available to both Canadian and US residents! Each box is $34.90 USD a month with free shipping/included. A lot, I know, but if you look at the previous boxes you can see that it's worth it. Sign up here.


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