May 12, 2013

Blog Every Day in May | Days 6-12

I have missed quite a few days as I was away on vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. Definitely the best vacation I have ever been on and I want to go back SO badly!

Day 6 | What do you do?
My title is "Web Designer", but I would probably classify it more as a graphic designer. Anyways, I work for a pretty well established Canadian company called Canadian Tire. I work at their head office and I am part of their Learning Solutions team under the Dealer Development & Training department. We're kind of a weird team because we don't really belong anywhere, but right now we're under HR. So what do I do in my Learning Solutions team? We create the learning tools and training lessons for internal staff. So this can be the people/staff that gets hired in the stores, new dealers/owners of stores or managers, etc. We create eLearning lessons with curriculums for any part of the store. For those of you who don't know what Canadian Tire is, it's almost like a hardware store, but it has more. It has automotive parts (tires, floor mats, oils, car parts, etc), gardening, tools, sports, exercise equipment, kitchen stuff, etc. Canadian Tire has been around for 90 years so if you're a Canadian, you know about this place.

So specifically to me, I create the design and visual content for these eLearning lessons that we build. I work underneath a Senior Web Designer, so I don't have as many responsibilities as she does. Along with creating these eLearning lessons, every now and then we get to create training documents or "Job Aids" for store staff that are printed out and sent to them. We get more freedom with those. It's pretty fun so far and I'm always learning. It sounds pretty limiting, but sometimes we're called upon by other departments of the company to help them to design content, which is something good to look forward to.

Day 7 | Things you're most afraid of
I'd like to call myself a pretty fearless person because I'm not afraid of the same things that most people are (i.e. spiders, heights, the dark, clowns, etc). I'd say I'm more scared about concepts? Ultimately we're all scared of being in pain or death because we fear these things will harm us, if not, kill us. My main fears include guns and nuclear war. Pretty different right? I like living and I try not to worry myself with these things because once I get started, I don't stop. I guess you can imagine how I must have felt during the whole North Korean nuclear scare thing. That shit just doesn't sit with me. You can probably also imagine my view on Americans and their "right" to bear arms. Having a gun in the house really does seem like a scary concept to me and I can't even fathom how that could be considered safe or a means of protection and self defence. How can something that causes so much harm make you feel safe?

It's odd really, I've had several dreams with either being shot or being in some sort of nuclear blast and I don't wake up screaming or crying, but my heart races when I'm conscious and thinking about it :x

Day 8 | A Piece of Advice
Hmm... I'm not very wise when it comes to advice, but I would probably have to say that you should allow yourself to be a beginner. No one ever starts out as excellent. A lot of people today are consumed by the fact that there's a lot of consumer friendly tools and electronics out there these days, making it easy for people to become "experts". While you're about to take on something new that most people may make it look super simple, you need to realize that you're a beginner and that it'll take you a different amount of time to get where they are. It's okay to say you're a n00b! Don't be discouraged because one of these days, a beginner will be looking up to you. It's all about those baby steps and money doesn't equal professionalism!

Day 9 | A Moment in your Day

Taken in Hawaii. Some Hawaiian snacks that I miss

Day 10 | Most Embarrassing Moment
I honestly don't get too embarrassed by anything, so I'm just going to go off the top of my head with something that happened fairly recently that when I think back about, I hide my head in shame. I was at a restaurant, Thai Express, and I went to sit down on their plastic chair and it cracked! I was so embarrassed and I made a beeline to the exit so fast! People were looking at me and it was awful. Thankfully there was no laughter, but I could only imagine |D

Day 11 | Sell yourself in 10 words or less
Open-minded, creative spirit always reaching out to learn & explore.

Day 12 | What do you miss?
Well this isn't hard! HAWAII of course! I just got back last night and even spending the last few hours in the airport made me seriously depressed that I was leaving. We were there for 5 days and it definitely wasn't enough. I'm definitely going back whenever I get the chance to. If you haven't gone, GO! It's such a beautiful, clean place and it didn't feel like white trash, redneck America.


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