May 13, 2013

Blog Every Day in May | Day 13: Issue a public apology

This one is kind of bizarre, so I will choose, in my utmost cynical and sarcastic way, to "apologize" for being me. I'm sorry that I'm not like everyone else who follows the trends. I'm sorry that I make fun of the things you all unite to like and I'm ever so apologetic for not being so happy when it comes to having my picture taken. Oh~ And I'm soooo sorry for getting mad when you do. I'm sorry you can't accept my wishes or respect my differences. I like being sarcastic, cynical, miserable me, so I'm sorry you don't. I'm sorry I do this thing that makes you end up hating me because I like to see things realistically and I'm sorry I like to stir shit up by being the only one in the room opposed to everything that everyone else isn't.



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