April 10, 2013

Daydreaming Sounds Like Noise

The moment I laid eyes on the promo shots of this online-only collection of MAC and Hayley Williams of Paramore, I knew I had to have something, if not everything. This is one collection where I would seriously dish out for every single item, however I held back.

People who know me will know that I L O V E the color orange and Hayley Williams pretty much embodies that. Laying eyes on Temptalia's swatches for Sounds Like Noise, I could hear the lipstick calling my name. It's a perfect, true matte orange. I can only describe it as PhotoShop's hue and saturation setting with the red saturation turned down to 0 and the yellow turned down to 0 (PhotoShop whores may get this ;;) There is not an inkling of red or yellow in this orange like most orange shades share.

I was worried to get this because it was online only so I couldn't pick it up on stores. I found some other swatches by people who have similar skin tones and also, the image of Hayley herself wearing it with her pale skin and bright orange hair, I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely ecstatic to finally find that perfect MAC lipstick for me! I own about 2 other shades and they're not that popular with me. I bought them when I had a different colored hair and now they don't look too flattering.

The formula is matte like the label says, so moisturizing or whatever method you use to get your lips smooth is a must! I ended up blotting mine a bit and I love the outcome. This shade is LE so get it while you can! It's available online at maccosmetics.com. I purchased mine for $18 CAD

Additionally, I picked up Daydreaming, a beautiful coral-y, pink, veluxe pearl shadow with a bit of gold. It's nice and soft shade that make my eyes pop! I was worried about combining the 2 together on my face, but they compliment each other quite nicely without going too overboard or looking like clown makeup.

Surprisingly, this is my first every MAC eyeshadow that I own *gasp* I know, I'm clearly not as cool as you. I just don't see the need in spending a lot of money on just one shade, whereas I can get a palette of 4 or more colors for the same price or something. I picked this shadow up also for $18 CAD.

Everything came together quite nicely, especially with my red and orange hair.

I also really love the skin finish for this collection, but I thought a hefty $36 CAD was too much to justify paying for it. It's beautiful and I have seen many glowing reviews about it and I would grab it if you have the extra cash. And for the nail polish in the collection, let's just say I have way too many orange polishes that it was quite easy to pass up :')


  1. mmmm orange, a fan of orange lips, but not eyes. I think it needs to be paired with something like a brown in order to look more wearable : )

    1. Yea, orange eyes by themselves is a little wild. I usually pair it with yellow or red (:

  2. I love love love the lipstick. What a fantastic shade of orange! I don't own anything MAC, does that make me super uncool? Haha ;)

    1. Haha no. It makes you super smart for not spending so much money on something so ridiculously expensive :P



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