March 30, 2013

Loose Button | Luxe Box Spring 2013

This season's Luxe Box has arrived! I'm always very excited to release my Loose Button box ever since they switched to seasonal boxes because they do a good job in selecting some decent samples. I'm also beginning to appreciate not having it every single month because that seems to set these types of companies up for disappointment.

This season's box was selected from the people of the Steven & Chris show. I don't know much about the show, but I have seen it while channel flipping on TV. I assume it's some sort of talk show about fashion and beauty. It's interesting to receive seasonal trends products (even though most know I'm not a huge trend follower). Onto the box!

All of the items came inside a nice satin-like drawstring back, like last season's box, along with a "Spring Trends" kind of guide.

These are the items.

LOOSE BUTTON // Beauty Blender Sponge
Happy to see this! I've been curious about these tools, and I actually already own one, but have yet to use it. I don't wear foundation often or I tend to forget about having it whenever I do. Excited to give this a try to see how well it applies.

LANCOME // Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate
I'm a huge fan of Lancome's products and I've been curious to know what this product is, and of course, be able to try it out. For those of you who are like me and don't know what it is, it's a serum that helps create a more youthful-looking skin by promoting natural skin renewal that is characteristic of young skin. Sounds to me like an anti-aging thing. You're never too young to start using these types of things, but I am already super happy with my current moisturizer. I will however give this a try though.

KERASTASE // Chroma Captive
This is a conditioner for color-treated hair and it's said to keep color radiant for up to 40 days with use. I'm always down for any kind of color-treated targeted hair products, so I can't wait to use it. I wish it came with shampoo however.

BLUE LAGOON // Algae Mask and Rich Nourishing Cream
I've heard of these products, but never have tried them. I'm not a huge mask person, but I do like collecting these samples so that I can whenever I feel like it.

CALVIN KLIEN // Eternity Aqua rollerball
Unfortunately this is not my cup of tea. I'm pretty picky when it comes to perfume. I'm more of a sweet and fruity perfume lover whereas this is more of an ocean/water-like scent. Although I do sometimes like these kinds of scents, this one isn't for me. I do like the rollerball concept however and this is quite a generous sample.

PANDORA'S MAKEUP BOX // Pandora's Mascara
I haven't gotten a chance to try this as I already have a go-to mascara. This one claims to be smudge and clump free, and specifically created for those with sensitive eyes.

I've seen this brand around a lot, but I have no idea what it's all about. This product is apparently an all-around-body exfoliator, which sounds fantastic because I have been currently on the look out for one.

If you are interested in your very own Luxebox (they even ship to the USA now!) you can sign up for only $26 a month by clicking here.


  1. my box is poor !! Just sample, i would like receive the same box !!

    1. there is my box !

  2. My box was an horror check it to compare:



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