November 02, 2012

MAC | Everything That Glitters

As soon as I fixed my eyes on the stunning Glamour Daze Holiday collection by MAC, I knew I had to own something. Since nail polish is my go-to comfort beauty product, I immediately made the decision to get one. While the whole collection is beautiful, Everything That Glitters caught my eye instantly.

Everything That Glitters is a beautiful glitter polish with turquoise, magenta, gold, silver and i think even some red glitters with a black base. It's truly stunning in every light.

Unfortunately though, Canadian prices are even more ridiculous than US, so I paid a whopping $21 for this! Thankfully MAC was having a free shipping promo so there were so shipping fees. Definitely the most expensive bottle of nail polish I own.

The formula is a little bit on the thick side, however I was able to achieve this opacity with only 2 coats. The polish also dried matte, so you absolutely need to apply a top coat, which also brings out the beauty of the glitter. Removing the polish off my nails was actually a lot easier than other glitter polishes, so that was a plus.

If you're feeling generous to yourself, I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle of this before they fly off the shelves!


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