November 01, 2012

Glossybox October 2012

Glossybox has arrived! As usual, I was very much looking forward to see what was inside.

Like everything that came out of the beauty world in October, the theme revolved around Breast Cancer and all that is pink.

Here's a close look as to what each item is that came inside the box:

JOUVIANCE // Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream
I have never heard of this brand and am curious to find out about it. This moisturizer is for combination to oily skin and can be used during the day and at night. Personally right now I'm not worried about anti-aging creams, but I do try and keep myself moisturized in the common areas where signs of aging start to show. A full size of 50mL goes for $93.50CAD

MODELCO // Flipstick Lip Duo - Dusk Lipstick, Striptease Gloss
This is really neat! I love the combination of the two lip products AND the mirror that comes with it. However though, it's kind of silly because the lipstick and the doe foot wand are attached to the middle of the wand! So how can you possibly see yourself? I mean, you can definitely use it for other things too... This is a full size product and retails for $38.75CAD

ZOYA // Rory Nail Polish
Not going to lie here, but I'm sad that this is pink. I get that it's for the whole breast cancer thing, but I really dislike the color pink. Without going into too much personal/weird details, I've disliked the color pink since I was 8. I even remember the day I stopped liking pink. Anyways. I don't own any pink polishes so I immediately handed this off to my mom, who like pink :') This full size polish retails for $8.00CAD

SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL // Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner
Again, another useless shampoo+conditioner sample that I dont need! I've tried so many lately and I think I've found one or two that I'm happy with. This was passed onto my mom as usual :') The full size bottle of shampoo is $15.79CAD and the conditioner is $16.59

I am SO happy I got this! I currently use this razor and was about to go and buy new cartridges for it, but then this landed in my lap! Very very glad I got it. If you havent tried this, you MUST! It's fantastic and all you need is water. Glossybox included a coupon for a free can of shaving cream, but I don't like using shaving cream because I find I nick/cut my skin easier with it (strange, I know!) This is another full-size product and retails for $16.99CAD.

In all, I'm a tiny bit disappointed with this month's box, but all things considered, it did include THREE out of five of the samples as full-sized products! And then again, no one's perfect. I still love and support Glossybox and anxiously anticipate their future boxes. If you're interested in signing up for this amazing service, you can do so for $21 a month by clicking here.


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