September 05, 2012

Loose Button Luxboxe FALL edition 2012

It's here! It's here!
I've been waiting for what feels like forever for this new Luxebox to come out. I am so incredibly excited about it, I didn't even change out of my work clothes to share with you how amazing it is.

First a little back story. Basically Loose Button decided they would offer its members a seasonal box subscription, in where you pay a little bit more money ($26) to receive a box, 4 times a year a.k.a. seasonally. Loose Button was nice enough to offer its current members at the time the option to go monthly or seasonally. I of course, choose the latter. Their idea behind releasing very few boxes, was to give them time to pick out an even better and bigger selection of luxury items for us to try. I have to tell you right now, they have done a STELLAR job!

Now enough rambling, here's what's inside...!

The box is shaped differently, and is made better. The white with the gold wrap logo already screams luxurious.

LOOK AT ALL THESE GOODIES! I screamed at the selection. I was even impressed by the cloth they wrapped everything in as opposed to the typical tissue paper. (It also made for a decent backdrop). I love Loose Button's new colors, with the brown, white and gold. Definitely fall/autumn-lik and definitely luxurious (I know, I know)

It also came with a sealed envelope of the product info. A very nice touch.

Now onto the items!!

VICHY // Proeven Daliy Dark Spot Corrector
Inside the first brown card pouch were these generous amounts of Vichy samples! If you've been with me for a little while now, you will know that I LOVE Vichy. I pretty much swear by them. They make fantastic products and I'm glad to be able to try these out. I don't really have dark spots because I tend to avoid the sun (yay me), but this product claims to even out skin tone, wipe away dark spots and reveal flawless radiance.

EYEKO // Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
I have heard of Eyeko before, which made me excited to see this in my box. I, however, am one of those few ladies who fear liquid eyeliner because I fail at applying it! The fact that this is in a fine-tip pen form, actually makes it encouraging to want to try again! It glides on beautifully (on my hand at least) so one of these days I will get it on my eyes. It's pretty smudge proof, however, not waterproof.

NO BLEEDING LIPS // Secret Lip Liner
As soon as I saw this, I thought to myself, great, lip liner. do I even have a matching shade? Then I realized that it is a secret lip liner, meaning it's universal! Fantastic. I will definitely be using this. Basically, this product claims to stop lipstick from bleeding (hence its name) and minimizes lips lines.

ELIZABETH GRANT // Advanced Cellular Age Defense Eye Power Pads
This appears to be an anti-aging product aimed for wrinkles around the eyes. Thankfully I am still young and will probably not needs these for a while, but the product claims to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and lines around the eyes, reducing the look of puffiness, while making dark spots appear lighter.

LOOSE BUTTON // Exfoliating Pad
And in the other brown card pouch is this exfoliating pad. I have always wanted one of these, and thanks to the good fellas at Loose Button, I now have one.

CHINA GLAZE // Elephant Walk
HOORAY! Another full size bottle of China Glaze! And, it's from the On Safari collections as well, bringing my total up to 3. I'm so glad I didn't get a repeat of the other 2 shades that I own from the collection, plus, I really like muted colors like grey, so this is absolutely wonderful. I may or may not post a swatch one of these days.

KERATASE // Elix Ultime with Millenium Rose
I'm not much for hair treatments, plus I havent been all too impressed with Keratase products either, so I may pass this one off to my mother. In the meantime, this product claims to be suitable for people with fine and sensitized hair, while helping to protect fine hair against external aggressors. I definitely don't have fine hair :P

And that's it! What do you think? Loose Button has made a successful transformation and have really upped their game. This is such a good decision for them to have gone with. I am absolutely please with this box and am eagerly anticipating the Winter 2012 edition soon!

If you are pleased with what you see here, maybe you should join! For the seasonal deluxe box of $26 a month, sign up by clicking HERE.


  1. Sweet! I've been on vacation (just on my way home now actually) and I can't wait to get back home and see my box. Hopefully I have similar items. Would love to try out that EYEKO liner!

    1. Yay, it's such an amazing thing to come home to! I hope you get the chance to try it :D I've seen some other people's boxes and some of them didn't get it. So fingers crossed for you :0

  2. Glad to hear that you liked your fall 2012 box! I am a little surprised that there are so many variation of the boxes too.



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