July 17, 2012

Glymm Box July 2012

GLYMM is here! And much to my very pleasant surprise, the bag is Orange this time! My favorite color!! Here's what's inside:

dirt. // Salt Scrub
Let me start off by saying that this is the most delicious smelling scrub I have ever smelled! Smells like Jolly Rancher watermelon, which again, is my favorite! Unfortunately it doesn't taste as sweet when I got a little taste of it as I was washing it off my face. This scrub claims to remove dead skin cells that dull and disguise your glow. It's definitely a harsher scrub I would say, which I personally like because I feel like the more abrasive the scrub feels, the more dead skin that comes off. This scrub also sits in this kind of solution that leaves a moisturizing feeling on the skin. I very much like this product. Full size of 12oz retails for $45

CYBERDERM // H2O Hydration + PM Anti-Age
The fact that these samples are in what appears to look like syringes, irks me a bit. I think of those nasty collagen injections *shudders* But anyways, these are basically different kinds of moisturizers and both pretty much promise anti-aging and full day moisturizing, which is great of course. I always like trying out moisturizers, so hopefully this one will be okay. Full size H2O of 50mL is $60 and the anti-age one is $115 for 50mL

MANE TEEZ // Social Butterfly Hair Perfume
I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this...or to even know something like this exists! There has been so many times where I have just washed my hair, ten I go outside and come back in and my hair smells weird. I've used all different kinds of hair sprays to cloak the smell, but that would end up ruining my hair. This is perfect for those occasions! Apparently this fragrance is infused with vanilla, but if you ask me, it smells like coconut :P either way, I love this!

JOICO // K-Pak Revitaluxe
So basically this hair treatment is clinically proven to instantly correct damage and protect against future damage. I do straighten my hair every now and then, so this would be helpful and beneficial to me. It smells pretty decent too.

Show your Love for Lacquer
Last in the box/bag is Glymm's nail polish promo to save 25% off their nail polishes until the end of August. I may or may not use this, but I'll have to have a look at their selection. So far all I have seen is polishes that are $16-$17 x_x even with 25% off, it's pretty bad.

So overall I am pretty pleased with this month's boxbag! I am definitely going to use all the products! If you are interested in signing up for your very own Glymm box, you may do so by signing up here for only $12 a month! Canadian residents only, however.


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