June 08, 2012

Nubar Love Rainbow

Haven't done a nail swatch post in a long time and since I recently got this one from my May Luxebox, I decided to share with you this interesting shade.

Usually before I decided to buy nail polish, I like to look up other people's swatches and read their opinions on them. I remember stumbling across a post by, I think it was Scrangie (yes, too lazy to look it up right now) and she said she was disappointed about the shade. The color in the bottle is definitely misleading, even the name is!

In the bottle it looks like a nice mix of pale blue with darker blue swirls and a greenish duochrome element. However, on the nails it's a different story:

In actuality, it's a very sheer, pale, greenish-blue color that has a sort of pearl essence to it. It changes color in the light to a faint green into a pale blue. It's actually quite a beauty!

The formula is super sheer though so what you're seeing above was done with 3-4 layers. It's not too loud and not too crazy. I love the subtle surprise that it holds. It definitely makes for a nice, simple and close to natural color that will most likely capture people's attention.


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