June 06, 2012

GlossVine Haul + FOTD

A mysterious package arrived from GlossVine! Last week I had heard that they were going out of business and that they were slashing prices on all their products, so I had to take a look. They seem to carry independent brands, so I thought why not give some of these brands a try since they're so cheap? You may notice weird pricing because I believe they were converted into CAD from USD.

So here's what I got:

Glamour Doll Eyes | Eyeshadow: Inspired | Lip Balm: Georgia Kiss
I was surprised at how beautiful the color was when I received it. For some reason it didn't apply as saturated as it did on my hand when I put it on my eyes. Or maybe I was in some weird lighting. I love the sheerness of the lip balm and would actually consider wearing this on a regular basis. I bought it for $3.08 CAD and I don't know what the original pricing was since it appears to not be on the site anymore.

Taylor Made Minerals | Glitter Eyeshadow: October and Retort
I was excited to see some cheap glitter! So I snatched these two colors because they looks so beautiful. I definitely need to get a proper sort of glitter glue/mixing medium, because water doesn't quite cut it. Original sells for $5.66CAD and I got it on sale for $1.03CAD, so definitely a good bargain!

Willow Tree Hydrating All-Natural Lip Balm: Orange Caramel Cream, Cake Batter, Mango Twist
I only just picked these up because they were $0.53CAD each, plus I'm in need of more lip balm. They originally sold for $4.06CAD, so this is definitely a steal! Plus, they all smell really good too.

Willow Tree Minerals Eyeliner Pencil: Smoky Lilac | Medusa's Makeup: Hot Pink Eye Shadow Brush
The color of the eyeliner pencil looked nice online, but I was disappointed in it's payoff when I received it. The swatch on my hand was swatched about 3-4 times over. I also found it appear very light on my eyes, plus the pencil wasn't soft either. I bought it for $1.03CAD and it it looks like it was taken down from the site, so I don't know how much it used to cost. Now, the makeup brush was the most expensive thing I ordered. I paid $6.04CAD, which is regular price, but I really needed a new eye shadow brush and I figured that the ones you buy in stores are at least 3 to 4 times the price, I decided to go with this. It did its job well and I used it to apply my swatches and even the shadows for my FOTD

• UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion
• Glamor Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Inspired
• Taylor Made Minerals Pigment Glitter in Retort
• Willow Tree Minerals Eye Liner Pencil in Smoky Lilac
• Cargo LashActivator Mascara
• Glamor Doll Eyes Lip Balm in Georgia Kiss

So all together, I paid less than $18 for my order, shipping included! So I think it was a reasonable deal. They appear to still be online for now, so I suggest having a look at whatever is left and see if you can score any good deals.


  1. The green eyeshadow is gorgeous! It looks really nice in combination with your hair and eyes :3

    1. thank you :D if only i had the courage to wear it more often hehe ^^;



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