April 18, 2012

Glymm Box April 2012

I know, I know, everyone is sick of people doing these kinds of posts with these subscription boxes. However though, this particular subscription is Canada exclusive and is not very popular, even amongst Canadians. Anyways, here's what my box came with:

LUCIA NO.1 Goat Milk & Linseed Soap
This is a very tiny sized soap sample—practically hotel sized. The full-size package retails for $17.50 CAD and comes with 8 bars. I can never recall ever trying any kinds of goat milk soap before, so I'm curious to try this out. I will most likely just use it to wash my hands though. I have a tough time using hand soap though because a lot of them dry my hands out like crazy, so maybe this could be a winner. I also like that the scent is very light, however I would have liked to try their NO.6 Bar. Also, the packaging is very elegant.

ATELIER COLOGNE Orange Sanguine Fragrance
This is a small perfume sample in which the full sized bottles (30mL & 200mL) retails for $60 & $165 (yikes). It also came with a pretty postcard. As for the scent though, I do like it! As the name states, there is an orangey, citrus scent that is not too strong. Personally I hate the smell of oranges, or well rather the smell of mandarins/tangerines. I never like eating them because the smell gets on my hands and it bothers me. Surprisingly I can actually stand the smell and it's not too much.

FREE YOUR MANE Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo + Conditioner
This is a regular one-use sample of shampoo and conditioner in which the full sized bottles (300mL) retail for $16 each. I can't really say much for it since I have yet to try it, but apparently it's good for people with frizzy hair, which unfortunately is not for me. I will probably pass this on to my mom.

MAI COUTURE Social Gloss in Femme Fatale
Woohoo, a full sized product! This gloss is said to fill in unwanted lines and restore moisture while creating kissable lips that are plump and voluminous. The gloss has no scent, but I am liking the color. I believe there are 5 colors in total for this collection. I comes with a doe foot applicator and applies nicely with a very light scent. The color is also very light, which I like so I can definitely see myself wearing.


NuMe $100 Gift Card
NuMe is a professional hair styling tools store that sells some pretty high end stuff including irons, extensions, hair care, etc. I briefly took a look at their site and there really wasn't anything that I wanted. I may check it again or just give it away to someone (most likely my mom) who will find good use from it.

So in all, I'm actually quite satisfied with what I received. I've been on Glymm's facebook recently and a lot of people sure like to complain. Regardless though, the service is $10 a box, which in real honesty, you won't get as much as say Luxebox, which is $12. At least that's how I see it. Glymm is a small company from Quebec and I think they're doing a pretty good job. If you're in Canada and are interested in signing up, you may do so by CLIKING HERE for only $10 a month!!


  1. I love when I get my New Beauty Testtube in the mail : ) But the Glymm Box looks cool, too. I think the thing I'd most like to try is that lip gloss. The color is nice, I hate sticky glosses, though, is it sticky? You have such pretty pics
    : )

    1. Thankfully no, it's not sticky! :D

      And thank you very much :3



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