May 09, 2012

Recent Purchases (nail polish)

I've been so lazy to update lately. It's not that I don't have stuff to write about, I've just don't feel like writing anything up. I felt like it's been long enough without something so I decided to just update with something. I've noticed that my blog has become more of a beauty blog... but I am intending to fix that soon :x I do need to bring in some more graphic/web design posts...eventually.

from left to right:
• ORLY "Glowstick" —a bright yellow highlighter color
• China Glaze "Sun Worshipper" —bright neon orange color
• Finger Paints Magnetic Nail color "Electro-Midnight"
• Rimmel London 60 Seconds "830 Camouflage" —green colored polish with specs of yellow and turquoise glitter
• ORLY "Mysterious Curse" —duochrome blue/purple
• Sally Hansen Salon Effects "Check it Out"

I'm currently wearing the Rimmel London Camouflage. The color looks incredibly different from the bottle on my nails... kind of disappointing. I've of course have tried Sally Hansen's Salon Effects before, and I have tried this particular pattern before as well. I'm excited to try out the Magnetic polish by Finger Paints. Especially since Scrangie was nice enough to give a pretty well described review about how to use the magnet and how to troubleshoot! I was also very excited to get Mysterious Curse by ORLY after seeing Of Life and Lacquer's review on it last week. So glad they were fully stocked :D


  1. The fifth one looks so nice! The name really suits the nailpolish :)

    I really like your blog. Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll start by following you! You make such beautiful pictures. Can't wait until your next blogs! :)


    1. It really does! It's so beautiful :D

      Thank you so much! Sure I will follow you back :D



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