December 01, 2011

Toronto Etiquette Project

As someone who works and travels in the City of Toronto, I can definitely appreciate Christopher Rouleau's humorous design known as the Toronto Etiquette Project.

Basically it's Chris' own initiative to distribute these different card designs of common problems we Torontonians face, to make Toronto a better place, because like it or not, we have quite a bad reputation for rudeness (despite everyone's assumptions that Canadians are polite, etc). You want to know something? they're all true! And I doubt no one in Toronto can look at one of these cards without laughing and agreeing.

Each card has it's own theme with a pleasant, friendly reminder that one can discreetly hand out to someone. They're designed so that anyone can easily download the cards, print them out, cut them and distribute. Each card has it's own color and a familiar-like simplistic design. It's cheeky and well lain out so you can't get that confused. According to Chris, "I wanted to create a mini-campaign of my own, amalgamating the best parts of all these endeavors, improving upon their shortcomings, and incorporating my own creative sensibilities."

His objectives are simple:

usability & interactiveness - something people would feel compelled to use in real life
visual clarity & stylistic unity - a branded, flexible system that looked professional, legit
succinctness - short and sweet
smart, but not smart-ass; polite, but not preachy
100% fun & free - with a sense of play and lightheartedness that would make people smile

His designs definitely display an excellent execution. It's clever, it's satirical and it's relatable. Although, don't get me wrong, these problems most likely exist in other cities, this one just focuses on ours.

My personal favorites have to be the TTC passenger one and the Torontonian one. There are so many common sights out there that these would definitely come in handy, which begs the question: would anyone actually consider handing these out? And, if so, what kind of reactions would this stir? Some people believe it could cause some sort of outrage because some people get offended when you can't tell someone something to their face. I know that's definitely a factor in my decision to participate in this mini campaign. It's a smart idea, but who knows what'll happen.

I mean, we're Canadians right? What's the worst anyone could do? Rip it in half and throw it at you?

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