November 22, 2011

xmas list.

It has been so very long since I have made some kind of list for xmas. Truth is, I never really want anything especially special because I could usually get them/afford them on my own.

This year is a bit different since I've been struggling to find a job and keep my cost low, there's certain things—even little necessities—that I can't even get. So here's just a list of simple things that I may not necessarily expect people to get for me, but it's a wishlist of things I'd like to get in the (hopefully) near future.

1. I NEED A HAIRCUT!! sadly I cannot afford a salon cut atm, so it would be nice to have one soon. I also really adore the A-line style haircut :3
2. Sugarpill Cosmetics I am in LOVE with their cosmetics and have been wanting to try their stuff out for so long. I am really in love with the loose eyeshadows in Lumi, Tiara and Goldilux
3. Scented Candles some people probably would never really know, but I do love these huge jar scented candles, especially in vanilla or some sort of cookie scent :3
4. Topbox &/or Luxebox I was so glad to hear that there are Canadian equivalents of Birchbox! I would really love to sign up for them eventually.
5. Necklaces I have a HUGE obsession for necklaces! I especially love anything with stars, crowns, leaves, hearts, wings, owl and random objects.
6. Tassimo T-Discs: Cadbury Hot Chocolate I really want to try these out since I'm not a huge coffee drinker and I have a Tassimo machine.
7. Socks I love socks, especially these thick colored ones. However I like all kinds with different patterns and what not.
8. Nikon Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1.8F lens This is something I'd like to get eventually. I really need a good portrait lens.
9. Limecrime Lipstick: Cosmopop I love their lipsticks and have been in love with this color for the longest time. I just don't know if it'll look good on me, but I love it :x
10. Season 6 of Weeds I'm in love with this show and I need to add this season to my collection.
11. Who The Fuck is Arcade Fire? Tee I was so happy when I saw this! I think it's hilarious that the band made a t-shirt for themselves with this because it plays on people's reactions to their Grammy win this year (which btw was so very well deserved!)
12. Lucky Bag from One's I always love receiving these bags...however normally I get them for myself.
13. Apple iMac keyboard sadly I broke my iMac's keyboard and I can't afford to buy a new one. Would love to get it replaced eventually.
14. Baker's Twine this is a random item, but the graphic design/package design/invitation design nerd inside me would find great use for this.
15. New Boots! I really need new winter boots. I especially like this pair from Aldo, however it doesn't really matter what I'd get. I just hate women's boots

16. I forgot to add one! I'd really love to get my hands on Haruki Murakami's 1Q84


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