September 30, 2011

Ohbijou "Metal Meets" Review

Metal Meets [09.27.11]

1. Niagara
2. Echo Bay
3. Balikbayan
4. Metal Meets
5. Iron and Ore
6. Sligo
7. Anser
8. Obsidian
9. Scalpel Blade
10. Turquoise Lake
11. The Dreaming

"Ohbijou return with their third album: Metal Meets. Their second release, Beacons, garnered international attention and chart-topping songs, and propelled headlining tours through Asia, Europe and North America..."
—Hannah Dyer

With a great bias, I am in so much love with this band. They're an incredibly unique sextet from my lovely city of Toronto. The unique blend of lead singer Casey Macija's angelic voice and beautiful orchestrated instruments of the band always leave a mellow atmosphere in my heart, mind and soul.

I have been anticipating this release ever since Ohbijou announced that they were starting to write and returning to the studio, earlier this year and although they took their time writing and crafting this release, it was definitely worth every single moment they took. I knew right away after hearing their first single "Niagara", that Ohbijou was back and better than ever. It gave them a new edge that I was so eager to hear and anticipate what was next.

As soon as Exclaim! Magazine allowed a full stream of the album, I knew for sure that Ohbijou had crafted something incredibly amazing and a new masterpiece to add to their well-established history. I also very much enjoyed a different feel from their past albums. It appears to be a more up-beat feeling of serenity and bliss. It's honestly extremely hard to dislike any song more than the rest. Every song on Metal Meets is a velvety smooth treat one after the other. There's a cool aura that floats around this entire album with its impeccable songwriting and structures. I will have this album on repeat for many days to come.

Overall rating:

I also have the opportunity to see them perform (finally!) tonight in Toronto at Trinity St-Paul's. Also, forgive me as this is my first review of any band. Ever.


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