October 02, 2015

LANEIGE Water Bank Serum Review

Heyo, long time no see. I am back with a review of a product line that I've been dying to try for nearly a year now, from the amazing people at Influenster!

If you haven't heard about it already, LANEIGE is a Korean skincare brand that has finally landed in North America! The range is now available at Sephora across North America, and I must say, I'm so excited to have this line finally accessible to me. When I saw the email to apply for this VoxBox, I got SO excited! I've been dying to try their sleep mask for a while now. See the below unboxing video to see which product of the 4-step, 24 hour hydration system that I got.

I was a tiny bit sad, because for some reason, I thought I was getting the entire set (oops!). I mostly wanted to try the sleep mask, but nevertheless, I was excited and grateful to be able to try at least one product from the line, and full size too, no less.

Like I said in the video, I was very impressed by the amount of product that this serum comes with: all 60ml of it! I use serums from Estee Lauder and Ole Henriksen and they range between 15ml–30ml of product, so this is impressive. I've been using this product daily for the past 2 weeks.

The serum itself is white and lightly fragranced. I find that the fragrance dissipates as you spread it over your face so it's not too overwhelming. I usually use about a pump and a half to cover my face and neck because I find that one pump is not enough and 2 pumps is too much. The formula itself is nice and very moisturizing. I love that it doesn't dry out or tighten my face, like I find that Ole Henriksen does. I have also applied the serum without moisturizer after and my face still stays fairly moisturized, which I am quite impressed about. I did find a tiny dry patch appear on my face after using it, but this generally happens when I introduce new products to my face, but something I don't consider a deal-braker of products.

I've always loved skincare products that have water in them because I find them extremely moisturizing and what I need. (Reasons why I love Vichy's Aqualia series *ahem*)

The product retails for $46.00 at Sephora, which, given the amount of product in the bottle, is a really good value! I've paid more for 1/4 of the amount that comes with this serum and it's only just a serum for the eyes. If I had to pick something negative about this product, it would be that the fragrance is not my favorite (but like I mentioned above, it dissipates), and my second concern really—not so much complaint—is that the bottle is glass and it's heavy. I worry that if I drop it, it'll shatter. It's honestly difficult to find anything wrong with this. The value of this product is excellent and I see this product lasting a long time.

Because this product turned out well for me, I would absolutely be interested in trying out the rest of the line (of course, including the coveted sleep mask I've been dying to try for so long). I also love that they have a sample/travel pack of the entire line! I would definitely try that out first before deciding to either go for the entire line in full size or just specific products.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend this serum! Thanks Influenster


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